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29 Reasons Why Your Name is No Accident. Decode Your Destiny

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#16 What if your life path number is 1?

source: Pixabay

We are not to go through each life path number in-depth over this article (as it is impossible), but what is more important is that you start to understand the logic behind all of it.

Hence, the number 1 would really stand for individuals who are born leaders, who come with pioneering spirit full of zest, somebody who can demonstrate hard work and passion in life. A person who is the bearer of the number one on their life path, oftentimes can manifest very easily, and would ‘finish the race as the winner’.

Life path numbers are of course not only there to point out the positive aspects of ourselves that we are always very fond to relate to, but they also depict the negative energy flow. In very general terms, a bearer of number 1 would be often an arrogant person, self-centered, egotistical and demanding in nature. Makes sense so far?

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