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Wim Hof, The Iceman Cometh Challenges the Inner Human Potentials

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Becoming the Iceman is much more than just a book. It is a project, inspired by Wim Hof & Justin Rosales to show the world that everybody has the inner capability to become an Iceman or Icewoman. But what’s the buzz about it?

It’s about the ability to control the body’s temperature, a doorway to discover amazing health and innovative physical performance secrets thanks to Wim Hof who comes with years in experience and practicing of meditation and yoga.

Just remind yourself – for years, we have all been preached to virtually fear the cold. Mother warnings not to go outside on the cold. Not to take a shower before going out. To not forget your jacket, so on and so forth. Of course, consequences of extreme cold exposure can be numerous. You can get the flu, get sick and bear with the challenges of hypothermia.

source: Youtube

You may have seen Wim How on television walking barefoot on the cold snow, or swimming through ice-cold waters. Unlike most of us, Wim would remain utterly warm and comfortable during performing all that. However, it does not mean that you and I cannot make it. In fact, Wim could be a teacher to all of us! Why? Because he is an epitome of what can happen if somebody uses the cold to train the body. With his work he has managed to move the world of science and prove that the impossible is actually possible. That our inner human potentials are much more bigger than we understand.

How can you prove that anyone can learn this ability?

Back in 2009, Justin Rosales showed up as somebody with no experience in cold management. He was a college student, and one of his friends showed him one of Wim’s videos on Youtube. Justin became most curious to learn and explore more on this matter.

A must see video that explains this ground-breaking technique that could revolutionize medicine:

video source: UPROXX

He started to correspond with Wim over e-mail and he got invited to attend one of Wim’s workshops in Poland. It was in Poland where he finally learnt the technique of the Iceman along with Wim Hof. With numerous training and experiences, Justin began to slowly adapt. He realized that the technique to withstand cold is indeed something that can be achieved by anybody. Hence, a magical cooperation on authorship has happened!

This book tells the tale of Wim and Justin’s journey to Becoming the Iceman! You can purchase it here!


What are the benefits?

  1. You can hack your body using cold therapy to feel energized during the day, without the jeopardy that this can threaten your regular lifestyle;
  2. This technique boosts your immune system;
  3. You get to learn ancient techniques in combination with modern cutting edge strategies to help you increase your overall health and well-being

Sound good enough? 

Stay tuned to Meditation Talks as we are to come with more resources, tools, book suggestions you can use to improve your well being!

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