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Here’s Why Millennials Are Obsessed With Yoga

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The millennial generation has gotten quite involved with the yoga culture. They have explored the disciplines and have discovered that yoga has a number of benefits that can help a person grow not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Many millennial yoga teachers or instructors have further propagated the disciplines of yoga. The world now knows the multiple benefits of yoga for health. The millennial generation is generally quite conscious about health and mental stability in the hectic lifestyle of the modern times. Millennial yoga teachers like Samantha Moriarty, Jessamyn Stanley, Sean Haleen and Chelsea Xeron have learned the benefits of yoga. Now they are renowned teachers of the yogic disciplines and have successfully propagated the culture among the millennial generation.


the millennial generation

Reasons for Obsession of the Millennial Generation with Yoga

The disciplines of yoga in the field of physical, mental and spiritual stability and development are extraordinary. There are many advantages of yoga that help a person with various problems in life. Yoga even helps in the prenatal period of a pregnant woman. The various exercises are not very rigorous and often involve easy and time effective routines that benefit immensely. The millennial generation has a tedious and tiring lifestyle, and they may get over the physical tiring through a good night’s sleep, but the mental exhaustion remains. The millennials are more open-minded about the yoga practices. They wear comfortable attire for the yoga exercises like kurti, and comfortable bottom wears. This makes them cranky, moody and easily irritated. To get rid of such problems and avail various benefits, the millennial generation has taken up yoga and is now basically obsessed with it. Here are a few reasons why the millennials are obsessed with the yoga culture:

Health Awareness – the millennial generation through the previous generations and their sicknesses has become well aware of health and physical maintenance matters. Millennials are generally very precautious when it comes to their health and physical fitness. Yoga has fantastic beneficial features it offers to the practitioner. Due to this fact, many millennials have taken up the practice of yoga. This has helped many to have a robust and fit healthy life. Through them, the referral promotion further increased the popularity of yoga among the millennials.
the millennial generation


Maintenance of Body Structure – the millennial generation is also very conscious of how they look and about the shape of their body. Many of them maintain strict diets which often help them but sometimes even test their determination. Yoga has come to these people as a blessing. It has less rigorous methods and benefits the physical structure of the body. Through yoga, many millennials have been successful in maintaining a toned body and an enhanced physical structure. The women of the generation are mostly the ones that are obsessed with yoga due to this reason.

Stay Healthy and strong for a Longer Time – the millennials are aspiring people, and they want to live for a long time and achieve more in life than anyone else has. They have the- want to stay alive for a more extended period of time-, and hence they bank on yoga to keep their body entirely pure and robust so that it can support them in their old age. The mental and spiritual understanding of yoga also comes to aid in this purpose.

Mental Health benefits – the usual gyms and freehand exercising may even help you get through the physical structure attainment. But, the mental needs of the millennials are significant factors for them. This can be achieved through yoga. The discipline of yoga which was formed initially in India has a number of advantages in regards to mental and spiritual health. It removes the psychological exhaustion from one’s body and keeps them fresh and ever ready. No other discipline can provide this level of mental and spiritual development as yoga does.


the millennial generation

Not a Rigorous Workout – the discipline of yoga has exercises, but they are not very rigorous. They are optimum levels of training that may be a little intimidating for the regular person in the initial phase, but with daily practice, it can be easily mastered. Thereafter, yoga would be a less rigorous exercise for you than your regular gym exercises and run. Yoga thus motivates many lazy millennials to take up the aspiration to have a healthy lifestyle. This factor of the yogic discipline has boosted the popularity of yoga and has made it an obsession of the millennial generation.

Time Effectiveness – the yoga exercises and not too time-consuming. Considering the regular modern day exercises, they are relatively time effective. Time is an integral factor in the life of the millennials. They are busy and hardly have time for anything but work. If the exercises consume a lot of time, they may not be up for it. Since yoga has a calm and quick approach, they are more inclined towards this discipline. The time effectiveness of yoga has made it an obsession for the busy millennial generation.

Yoga Retreats – yoga doesn’t only involve the exercises and meditation. It includes the environment and connection of the body and soul with the environment. For this purpose, yoga culture is often closely related to the retreats organized by the group or the academy. These yoga retreats freshen up the mind and soul of a person. They are extremely beneficial to a person especially in the time where the millennials are in such busy cycles of life. These yoga retreats also attract a vast number of millennials to take up the practice. They enjoy the retreat and the partial disconnection from the daily world.

the millennial generation

Other Benefits of Yoga – yoga has some other benefits that help a person in their life. It helps in the prenatal period of a woman, and hence there is special prenatal yoga classes are conducted for the pregnant women. The discipline of yoga also helps in the spiritual elevation of the human soul. A person gets a broader outlook on life through the yogic practice. As a result, many new opportunities open up in life, and also small daily problems seem to be negligible in nature.

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