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Unveiling Your Oversoul with Hank Wesselman

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What if you could discover time-tested shamanic journeying practices from ancient and traditional lineages — and journey to connect with the “Oversoul” of your Higher Self as a portal to higher dimensions of consciousness?

It’s a fascinating possibility!

If you’re not familiar with the Oversoul, it’s the part of your being that connects you to other realms, times, dimensions and places. Becoming aware of your Oversoul can help you reestablish connections with helpful spirits in other realms, and offer clarity and wisdom for moving your life forward.

If you’d like to discover more about this exciting subject, you’ll want to participate in a FREE online event featuring shamanic teacher, anthropologist and bestselling author Hank Wesselman.

This complimentary event, Unveiling Your Oversoul: Shamanic Journeying to Higher Realms for Wisdom, Healing, and Re-enchantment, airs Wednesday, November 16.


Hank has spent much of the past 28 years studying shamanic practices, melding shamanic principles with his anthropological insights to provide us with unique avenues for exploring the further reaches of human potential. He bridges traditional cultures and modern science in illuminating ways.

During this free online event, you’ll:

  1. Gain an understanding of the three levels of the dream world: Lower, Middle and Upper
  2. Receive key instructions for shamanic journeying to connect with your Oversoul
  3. Discover how to open to direct experiential insights about your soul’s experience over multiple lifetimes
  4. Connect with your spirit guides and other helpful beings

This promises to be a mind-expanding hour that will offer you a paradigm shift in how you relate to your Higher Self — and expand your understanding of how to open the portal between this world and higher dimensions.

You can sign up for Hank Wesselman’s free virtual course here

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