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The Total Solar Eclipse Is Happening

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The solar eclipses have been approached differently throughout the years. Many years ago, they were thought to be omens of death. But actually, they are harmless to living population. Einstein proved his Theory of Relativity with the help of the solar eclipse.  The solar eclipse that lasted the longest in the 21st century was on July 21/22, 2009 and lasted 6 min and 39 seconds.

Partial Solar Eclipse

The Total Solar Eclipse Is Happening

The first thing that is going to happen is the partial lunar eclipse. This happens when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon but they are not in a straight line. When this happens, one small part of the surface of the Moon is covered by the central part of the Earth’s shadow, to be exact, the central and the darkest part of the shadow. This is called the umbra. The rest of the Moon’s surface is covered by the not so dark outer part of the Earth’s shadow and this is called the penumbra.

Some conditions have to be met in order a partial solar eclipse to happen. The Moon has to be full and the Earth, Moon, and Sun have to be in an almost straight line. This will happen on Monday, August 7 and will be definitely be an extraordinary prelude to the Total Solar Eclipse that will happen on August 21.

Total Solar Eclipse

The Total Solar Eclipse Is Happening

The easiest way to describe a total solar eclipse is the moment when the total disc of the Moon completely covers the total surface or disk of the Sun. During totality, or the total solar eclipse, the shadow of the moon looks like it’s being clocked in twilight which is very unusual for the people that will observe in the middle of the day. The people will be able to see this cloak of darkness moving towards them and then moving away before the totality and after it. The total solar eclipse happens only once in 18 months.

The Total Solar Eclipse will take place August 21. People from North America will be able to see the sun hiding behind the Moon. The daylight will turn into twilight and the temperatures will drop very quickly. This Great American Total Solar Eclipse will darken the skies along a stretch of land about 70 miles wide. This will be an unforgettable experience for all those who decide to admire it.

You can read more or watch the Eclipse live on the Nasa Eclipse Website!

The day of the Total Eclipse will bring explosion of emotion and powerful energy. Animals will react to it but also humans. So people should take advantage of this special time. This event is of great significance to all of us. It is considered to be the perfect time to take some significant steps in life or star a new journey. The Total Solar Eclipse has a profound effect on people’s consciousness, so this would be the time for spiritual practice and mind calmness.

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