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Tips for Common Yoga Poses

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Yoga has a number of basic poses, which we learn through the beginner’s course and do on a daily basis further on while we progress. These common poses have an advantage of being accessible to anybody with any level of fitness preparation, being healthy and spiritually awakened.

Let us take a look at some tips on how to do them right.

How to Do the Most Common Yoga Poses

Tadasana, or the Mountain pose. It is the easiest pose that serves as a basis to other standing poses. It is very easy to do, so the secret here is not in the physical, but in the mental. Try to focus on being on the mat and drawing all your thoughts into the present moment. Stretch your arms and legs and feel the energy moving along your body, from head to toe. Turn your palms to the front and breathe slowly.

The downward dog pose. The key to this pose is evenly distributing your weight between your legs and your arms. If you can’t keep your legs straight, bend them, but keep the balance of the triangle in the middle. The excessive bending forward will put unnecessary pressure on your wrists.

Warrior poses. For this pose, it is important to have your hips face the side. The front thigh should be parallel to the floor and perpendicular to the ankle. Open your shoulders and look forward. There are many variations of this pose, and they are usually done in a sequence as you progress.

Tips for Common Yoga Poses

Bridge pose. For this pose, keep your feet at a shoulders’ distance and flat on the mat, and always hug your knees after you do this to counter-stretch.

Tips for Common Yoga Poses

Planks. Elbow planks and palm planks are very common yoga poses. The full arm plank is a bit straining for your wrists. Keep your palms well apart with fingers stretched, in order to pass as much pressure onto the palms as possible. Keep your neck and back long and straight, and don’t lift your bottom.

Bends and stretches. Forward bends can be challenging for beginners as they demand a certain flexibility and stretch. Before bending, it is best to lift your hands and stretch upwards, preparing the spine to extend. Try to bend starting from the hips to go as long as possible. Stretch your arms forward.

Tips for Common Yoga Poses

Hopefully, these tips will keep you healthy and ease your yoga practice day by day.


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