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Douglas H. Melloy: The Significance of U.F.O.s

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The subject of Unidentified Flying Objects has no doubt been a topic of conversation since the beginnings of the earliest forms of communication.

There is a connection between the U.F.O. and the God of all that is. Their role and purpose is to bring every Source and every soul that is housed within a body to this planet. In order for the soul to go home it needs to do so by the same U.F.O. that brought it before it incarnated into a body. This requires knowing which one brought the soul to this planet. The difficulty with this is that the soul fails to remember through the veil of forgetfulness. U.F.O.s will remain close by until the person decides it is time for the soul to go home.

Almost everyone has had or knows someone who has had some form of U.F.O. experience. This is simply a reminder to the soul that they are standing by for it. The planet is changing its densification from third density into fourth density. The density being birthed will be positive based, rather than negative. This means that it will be time for those souls who are living negative based lives to go home.

U.F.O.s keep in continuous contact with every soul they have brought to this planet through the technique of channeling. Dreams are also used to inform the ego at rest that the soul exists and differs from one’s identity of ego/body. It is our responsibility to remember our soul and do what is necessary to facilitate its evolution beyond the body that dies. One way to do this is by remembering it as disengaged from the body. One can also ask to meet and make contact with that U.F.O. that brought the soul to this planet.

It is important to remember that the soul has come here from somewhere in the universe. U.F.O.s do not actually travel from one point to another. It is far more likely that they dematerialize at departure and rematerialize at their destination. According to the RA Material (1984), they are a type of housing. The soul is ready to go home when the staining of it through negativity is cleansed.


Douglas H. Melloy, known as the enlightened percussionist, is a present-day spiritual teacher whose gift is to assist humanity with its collective ascension. His words help us remember who we really are and our purpose in coming into this life.

He began his spiritual journey when he was 5, and did over 50 years of personal work. He studied Hinduism, Buddhism, and has read the Bible over 20 times. During 55 years of studying consciousness, he has read extensively philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, esoterics, new age. He is a student of “A Course In Miracles” and completed Napoleon Hill’s “The Master Keys To Success.”

As part of his soul’s contract, he has authored over 17 books on navigating life on our earthly journey with the goal of assisting humanity in ascending to higher levels of consciousness. Titles include God, Planet, Universe is this Life I Am, all else is just a detail (2001 Franklin Press), Love and Wisdom are the Arts of Appropriateness (2003 Prince Media Group), The Nature of the Self and the Social Evolution of Humanity (2005 Prince Media Group), The Nature of the Self and the Social Evolution of Humanity (2007 Inner Circle Publishing), Running from Karma Living life Artistically (2008 Inner Circle Publishing), The Bible, What does it Mean? When if not now? (2008 Inner Circle Publishing), Invading the Indigenous while the Rest of Us Watch (2009 Inner Circle Press), Love and Wisdom the Art of Appropriateness (2012 Inner Child Press).

Learn more about Douglas at his official website here and pick a copy of his book here.

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