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The Feminine Wake-Up Call with Sherri Lassila

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Are you feeling called to play a bigger role — in your work and the world — as a conscious, feminine leader?

Are you seeking to unleash your full purpose, power and potential… in alignment with (and in service to) the Divine?

However this impulse is being ignited within you…I have a very special invitation for you.

On Wednesday, December 14, top leadership coach Sherri Lassila will share The Feminine Wake-up Call: 7 Keys to Stepping Into Your Inspired Leadership.

You can reserve your free spot here

Our culture has been immersed in a masculine system of power for thousands of years. Thankfully, an empowering shift is well underway. Women are being called to restore balance between masculine and feminine — ushering in a new era of wholeness, peace and creativity that can transform virtually every aspect of life.

Sherri will help you to discover YOUR authentic leadership — drawing upon a deep reservoir of inner wisdom to lead in a more organic, connected, conscious and joy-filled way.

Sherri has facilitated women’s leadership programs at Stanford University’s MBA program and Alumni Center which draw upon a deep well of spiritual wisdom and training.

In this free one-hour call with her, you’ll discover:

  1. The keys to transforming self doubt and speaking up with authentic confidence
  2. How to live and lead in more consistent alignment with your gifts and calling, even if you’re not sure what that calling is
  3. How you can transform challenges that feel personal into a committed stand to make a difference — for yourself and our world
  4. How to lead with a combination of clarity, power and feminine flow

If you’re seeking greater success and a profound positive impact in the world, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Sherri will help you begin to step fully into your inspired leadership — one that’s sourced in your power as a woman and your connection to your deepest wisdom and highest guidance!

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