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Health Benefits Of Yoga For Seniors

Senior citizens can benefit a great deal with yoga. Daily practice of yoga can make seniors feel more positive and eliminate health issues that come with age. They can stay fit and enjoy life as well as increase their lifespan and vitality through daily yoga practice. It is a holistic approach to improve their overall health and well being. Benefits of yoga for seniors It lowers the risk of heart disease It is easy to recover from strokes and stress Gives positive emotions and outlook towards life Drives away loneliness…

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6 Prominent Ways To Avoid Serious Yoga Injuries

Article by Manmohan Singh Nothing more than a yoga injury can interrupt the peaceful flow of the practice session and there are few reasons that lead to yoga injury and needs to be avoided. Explore the article and know the six prominent ways to avoid serious yoga injuries for garnering continuous benefits of the uninterrupted practice. Yoga a mystical practice of the body, mind, and soul has everything we want, to live a restful and happy life. The holistic art is for everyone with the intention of transforming themselves into a…

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5 Spookylicious Yoga Poses Trending Yoga 

5 Spookylicious Yoga Poses

For all those of you who love yoga, this article will be a great idea for a fun yoga session. If you feel like being silly around Halloween here is the perfect thing you can do. You can incorporate these crazy fun yoga poses imitating animals we usually talk about around Halloween. It is a great way to celebrate the day but also to burn extra calories. Here are 5 toga poses that will make you feel like a child again!

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