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Conscious Holiday Living: The Art of Re-Gifting

Part 4: From Here to There by Pati Hope Last week, we discovered that there are many different ways to show our love and appreciation for others and although gifts are just one, in our society of consumerism, marketers would have us think that buying and getting more stuff is the road to happiness. As we continue our quest to live mindfully during the holidays, it’s imperative that we take time to know what we want from this holiday season. Otherwise we can become scattered, simply saying yes to things…

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Conscious Holiday Traditions

From Here to There (Part 2 of 5) By Pati Hope This is part two in a series of tips on how to mindfully celebrate during the holiday season. So many times we rush through it all in a whirlwind of doing, usually way too much! We give parties, accept invitations, shop and travel mostly without stopping to pause, checking in with ourselves and making conscious choices on how we want to spend this very precious time. And at the end of it all, we’re left in a pile of…

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Holidays Evolution: From Here to There

As we shift and evolve, the holidays seem to take on a life of their own each season. In living consciously it’s important that we give ourselves permission to be wherever we are with our feelings about the holidays at any given time. The goal would be to eliminate from our vocabulary the words should and obligation, especially at this time of year. I am a big advocate for only doing the things that one can do with joy!” Let me explain. Mindful living would allow the holidays to evolve…

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A Path to Mindful Living

From Here to There: The Journey to Conscious Living & Spiritual Growth Spiritual growth or a path to higher consciousness, invites us to move from here… wherever we are currently, to there… evolution, or conscious living. Beginning to live mindfully may require change. The very thought of just the word change can be scary as it takes us out of our comfort zones. And even when things aren’t currently great, at least we know what we have or what to expect and so it’s easier to stay complacent, even though…

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