A. G. Billig: "I believe that life's about finding our way back to love", MeditationTalks Relationships Trending 

A. G. Billig: “I believe that life’s about finding our way back to love”

One way or another, love plays an essential part in the human experience on this planet. It is a topic that for centuries has been tackled by poets, writers, moreover common people. On the other hand, show business, TV and film industry have all well influenced how we should or should not conceptualize and depict love, or what to expect from our relationships with other people whether they be our parents, friends or romantic partners. Undoubtedly, love is a huge topic, and in this issue at Meditation Talks, we just…

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6 Steps to Keep Love Alive After Christmas, MeditationTalks Health Trending 

6 Steps to Keep Love Alive After Christmas

Written by A.G. Billig Love is a conscious choice even though it might not look so. The handiest example is Christmas time when even Grinch’s heart melts. Don’t we all say let’s be kinder, nicer, more loving and giving? Prompted by the winter holidays’ spirit, we are less afraid to open up, reach out to other people, spread joy around us. We no longer care about how much we receive because we are so happy to give. Not only a face glowing with happiness becomes the most precious gift but,…

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i-choose-love-ag-billig-book-review Relationships Trending 

A.G.Billig: ‘I Choose Love’ – Praise & Author’s Words

Earlier in November, A.G. Billig appeared with a wonderful article at MeditationTalks that contemplates on how love is a choice we consciously make in life. Love is a choice we make every second until we restore it to our default state of being. It manifests then in every aspect of our existence: family, career, finances, and health. In the way we touch our significant other and say “dear mom” over the phone. In the heart and soul we pour into your professional activity with the intention of helping other people. –…

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