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Sustaining the Balance: A Self-Help

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Being a species belongs to Homo sapiens can be a difficult balancing act. It is not easy to get weighed down by the pressures of career, academics and social life. If personal problems are piled on top of these pressures, you can feel astounded and lose your balance. Personal problems that an individual may encounter in his or her life:

  1. Loneliness and Isolation
  2. Financial Pressures
  3. Pressures from Family
  4. Medical Problems
  5. Recent or Past Sexual or Physical Assault
  6. Discrimination

How to cope with these problems?

  1. Work smart, live smart

Would you like to live your life with less pressure and more pleasure? It is your plan to get things in order and under control. We humans have an influential need to control the world around us.  In the same respect, not being in control creates an enormous amount of stress. As we developed, being in control of our environment increased our chance of survival. It can give us a sense of security, achievement, considerate, and predictability.

  1. Self Esteem

Sustaining the Balance:  A Self-Help

Most people’s beliefs and feelings about themselves swing somewhat based on their daily experiences. The evaluation you get on an assessment, how your associates treat you, ups and downs in a personal relationship can all have a short-term impact on how you feel about yourself. For individuals with good self-esteem, normal changes may lead to temporary changes in how they think about themselves, but only to a partial extent. In contrast, for people with poor self-esteem, these ups and downs severely influence the way they see themselves.

They need positive external experiences like commendations from friends or companions to neutralise the negative feelings and thoughts that constantly infect them. But these feelings may not be permanent.

  1. Trusting Your Feelings

There are some feelings common to all of us when we are incredulous with pressure in our lives and experience an emotional crunch.

a) Anxiety is a feeling of consciousness, helplessness, fear, and a loss of self-confidence. It is a response to       artificial threat, like having to perform for an exam.

b) Depression is a feeling of being lost or sadness. It is often a response to apprehend loss or failure and it may involve feeling helpless, disheartened, or unworthy.

c) Anger is a thinking against anyone or anything. It is a deep frustration in order to the belief that you are being ill-treated or you are not getting what you want.

Remember, we always have options that how we can live our lives? We cannot be able to control everything and frequently control is more of a deception. But when we give up choosing, we truly are out of control.


About the author:

Educational expert Garry Smith is redefining the way schools worldwide develop teaching, and counseling programs, giving students greater odds of achieving life success. His team-integrated approach brings teachers, counselors, private home tuition agency, and families together to help students develop personal, emotional, behavioral, social, academic, and career skills to overcome today’s biggest challenges.

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