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How to survive the holiday stress

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Everyone feels so stressed during the holidays. People try too hard to make everything perfect and buy the perfect gifts forgetting that this is the time to enjoy with the family on a cozy night. Meditation is one helpful tip that will guide you through the holiday season and make your everyday life easier.

Find the perfect position

To get a successful meditation or yoga time you must find what position works best for you. It means you can lay on you back or you can sit in a position that feels comfortable. You must relax and lengthen your back along with your spine. The most important thing is to keep your shoulders far away from your ears or in other words keep the tops of your shoulder as far as you can. This way you will immediately feel like you’re in the right position. You can try and see right now!

Breathe properly

Breathing is maybe the most important thing when it comes to meditating or simply relaxing. You should set you own pace but you can try and count to five while inhaling and then do the same while exhaling. The only way you can completely relax is if you pay attention to the whole process and think about it while slowly breathing. Try to focus on meditating and on breathing so you can avoid letting other thought occupy your mind.

How to survive the holiday stress

Listen to proper recordings

One element that can significantly help you while meditating is listening to music or some recording with calming sounds designed especially for leading people into more relaxed state of mind. You can also create your own mantra that will inspire you. It usually consists of inspiring and motivational words that will give you the strength and energy to endure your training.

Take your time

You should do your meditation or yoga as long as you feel comfortable. It can be five or ten minutes or it can be an hour. Just stay where you are and complete your routine. Don’t rush. When ready, do some stretching to slowly come out of your meditative state.

Finish your meditation practice

When done with all the exercise and stretching, take some time to think about your self-care time and be grateful. You can do some final stretching with hand above the head if seated. Or you can try breathing with a sound, like ‘Om’ or ‘Mmmm’ for a few times.


You can meditate anywhere and anytime. You can do it in the comfort of your own home, or maybe at work when you have some time off. You can do it while waiting for the bus or train. So practically anywhere if you can focus and concentrate. If you feel like you need it, just close your eyes, shut down the world around you and sink deep in your thoughts to find your peace. It will definitely help you go through the day.

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