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Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

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Relaxation and using what nature has given us can improve our lives considerably. The stress of our 21st-century lifestyle can drain our bodies of health, our eating habits are also often unhealthy due to this stressful fast paced living. The truth is that our western lifestyle is killing us. Obesity and overweight problems go hand in hand with it. Embarking on a new way of living can be overwhelming. You will be changing the habits of a lifetime.

Loving your body and looking after it is a mindset. The aim is to feel good and nourish your body and your mind. We all need some help along the way. There are some “miracle” foods and natural supplements which can help you jump start your path to a healthier lifestyle where you keep your weight in check and reduce your levels of stress in a meaningful way.

Yoga The Not So “Best Kept” Secret

Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

Along with healthy eating choices and exercise, relaxation is necessary. For years now we in the west have learned how much doing yoga can improve our health. Yoga is an exercise which also promotes a deep relaxation of your body and it also calms the mind. The healing power of yoga has been observed over and over. You do not need to visit an ashram or become a guru, you do not need to alter your beliefs or wear strange clothing in order to benefit from yoga. The techniques can be learned anywhere and are guaranteed to make you feel better, help you focus and aid relaxation. You will find when doing yoga, that after a short while you will feel the benefits.

-Doing yoga will encourage a healthy lifestyle where you will better control your blood sugar and your weight. Reducing stress will help improve your digestion and symptoms like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome will lessen.

-Your flexibility will improve, this does not happen after one session but gradually your muscles will feel looser, many aches and pains due to strain will vanish. Your posture will improve. That alone is a benefit.

-Your muscles will strengthen, balance and good posture make your movements so much more efficient. Correct posture alone can relieve back pain. The tension in your limbs will release.

-Exercising and moving your joints can help to prevent degenerative arthritis and will help to protect your spine. You will find that all sorts of symptoms of pain are reduced. This reduction in pain will decrease your reliance on medication.

-Bones are strengthened by exercise which in turn prevents osteoporosis.

-Your heart rate is increased as with aerobic exercise. Your resting rate is lowered and your endurance increases. Your circulation will improve and your lymph will drain. This helps to remove toxins and boost immunity. Your blood pressure will also drop. Your nervous system also benefits.

-Doing yoga will decrease levels of cortisol in your blood. Cortisol is a necessary hormone but in high quantities, it is responsible for weight gain, osteoporosis, diabetes, depression and heart disease. Consistent yoga practice will therefore, while improving overall health make you feel happier.

-Your lung capacity will improve, your breathing will become more efficient, therefore you will have a better uptake of oxygen in your blood.

-Most importantly you will sleep better. Just sleeping well alone, can make you feel great. With this plus all the other benefits, why not give it a try?

Natural Remedies and Yoga Can Give You Better Health

Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

So to “kick-start” this healthy change you may want to look at supplementing your new regimen with some natural products like Garcinia Cambogia or apple cider vinegar. Garcinia Cambogia comes from the tamarind, this is a fruit which contains hydroxy-citric acid (HCA) Use it only as a supplement. It can assist a healthy eating program and not replace it. Garcinia cambogia can assist in preventing the body from making fat. It is also a mild appetite suppressant. There is some evidence to suggest it can keep cholesterol and blood sugar in check.

Another aid is raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. There has been some research which shows that this can help to break down fat and help to prevent the accumulation of more fat in the body. People who are desperately keen to lose weight will often ask. What is the one thing doctors eat when they want to lose weight?

Doctors will tell you that there are foods which will help you achieve maximum health but these are to be included in a general change in lifestyle and the idea is not to just use them in isolation. Two of the recommended foods are in fact rich in fat. They are avocados and coconut oil. These are both healthy fats which can actually help to balance the blood sugar, reduce insulin resistance and control the appetite. They do not promote weight gain.

Another little secret is consuming the greens from dandelions. They are naturally a source of fiber which we all know we need, but dandelion greens contain vitamin C thiamine, riboflavin and trace minerals. The leaves also contain taraxacin which is a bitter compound that increases the flow of bile and improves gall bladder function. Bile removes hormone metabolites and some of the toxins which stymie efforts at weight loss. Tea made from the leaves is a diuretic which helps to cleanse the kidneys. Water retention will be reduced. Drinking the tea will help detoxify the body by assisting to rid the body of fat soluble toxins. The leaves, however, are bitter. You can reduce this by blanching them in boiling water for half a minute before adding them to a salad.

Medicines and pharmaceuticals are big business, with everyone wanting to feel better. Billions of dollars are spent annually just to feel healthy. The question is whether to use herbs which are natural or to use drugs. People often turn to herbal remedies as these are perceived to be safe, have fewer side effects and are often cheaper. However, the universe is made of chemicals. Natural remedies are also chemicals. Just because it is natural, does not always mean it is good for you. There can be negative reactions and sometimes these remedies interact with other medicine you are taking. Nevertheless, prescription drugs are usually very costly where inexpensive natural remedies often do the job just as well if not better.


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