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Spring Cleaning for the Heart, Mind, and Body

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As the cool air finally leaves us and brings instead sunshine and warmth, we turn to the task of spring cleaning. For some, this is a dreaded part of the year. For others, it’s a way to start fresh and live each year better than the last. Instead of only focusing on your home this season, rejuvenate your spirit and soul by giving your heart, mind, and body a cleansing of their own. Taking a time-out from your stressful life to focus on self-care is an important part of staying healthy and happy and thriving in your relationships and endeavors.

The Heart

There are so many things that can distract us from making sure we are staying strong within our heart and practicing compassion, kindness, and love. You can do a lot of things to give your heart a good spring “cleaning,” and prepare yourself for the upcoming year. If you have kids, you’ll often find that so much of your energy is dedicated to caring for them, or your spouse, or caught up in your job. Don’t forget that you are important, and give yourself some time-out to spend time with your emotions and feelings.

Separate yourself from distractions and focus on your inner soul and self. Try to think carefully about your feelings and allow yourself to be honest with yourself away from the needs of other people. Some ideas to help you get to this place:

  • Take a break from social media or weed out your friends and followers
  • Take a drive without the radio on
  • Ask a close friend if you can talk for a while
  • Write down your thoughts
  • Try to meditate or watch a yoga video online and follow along

The Mind

As we become adults and our lives grow more stressful and busy, we often our thoughts are torn in several different directions. We have to think about our jobs, families, what to make for dinner, when to put gas in the car, and who has practice at what time and how to be in two places at once. Give yourself a rest from the demands of your life and let your mind restore itself. Taking a break for even just an hour can be a great way to increase your energy and productivity. Do some these things next time you feel overwhelmed with all the things you’re so focused on:

  • Take a nap, even a short one
  • Eat a healthy, power meal or snack
  • Change your thinking pattern
  • If you are anxious, color or meditate

The Body

Since it’s been awhile now, most of us have stopped working towards those New Year Resolutions. Our diets have halted, we stopped working out, we don’t always get our 8 hours of sleep, and losing our temper still happens just as frequently. Life gets busy, and we stop taking care of ourselves. It doesn’t always have to be super long trips to the gym or intense, expensive diets to get us where we want to be in our physical bodies. Even just small changes can make a world of difference throughout the year, such as:

  • Trying products to help reduce hair loss
  • Buying organic and cooking at home more than eating out
  • Taking the stairs or parking further away from the store
  • Go to bed earlier


Written by Brad Richardson

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