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Singing while meditating? Yes, please!

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Have you tried singing while meditating? It may be something unusual for you, but some scientists have proven that it is powerful and yet beneficial. It helps you connect your mind to your body and breath.

There are many reasons you should try mindful singing. Here are some of them. Maybe you can think of breaking the rules from time to time. It will bring a change to your meditation routine and make your sessions even more productive. You can picture it like a way of exploring and trying new things. It may work, or it may not for you. Either way it is a very appealing idea.

Singing while meditating? Yes, please!Another reason to try singing while meditating is to do your body a favor. Meditation helps you relax, that I true. But if you vocalize while meditating, it will relax your body muscles and you will feel your body vibrating. It would be the pleasant moment of combining your mind with your body. This way you will release the tension and stress even faster. So just try singing while exhaling and you will feel the difference.

Meditation is all about being yourself and connecting to yourself. So if you decide to try this remember that there is no rule or there is no right or wrong song. It’s all about how you feel. If you feel happy today, sing a happy song. If not, you can choose a sad song. And you don’t have to do it the whole time. Just from time to time. Decide which part of the song best affects you and try only few lines. It would be like singing to a baby. Only few lines that make you feel better. Repeat them all the time. You will feel it.

This way of meditating can make you meditate more! How’s that? It’s easy. If you connect mindfulness or meditations to pleasure, it triggers a part in our brains that will program or make us do this again. So by linking meditation to singing you help yourself, release the stress and tension in your body,  and which is most important, you want to do it again. So make sure to choose your favorite tune for the next session.

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