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Join in to Send Love for Trump, Not Fear & Hate After Frenetic US Elections

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Join in to send love & compassion for Trump as he is now the leader… Fear, disgust, hate or other negative emotions for him will only strengthen those energies…

Despite how impossible you think this is at the moment, and despite the fact that for many 9th of November may be a reminder of pain and shock, we should embrace our new reality with hope and positive emotions and remain open-minded. Moreover, we should do this for our collective good, not restraining from hope, but in embracing the new reality with all its possibilites.

Nobody could really believe that Donald Trump will actually really become the next President of the United States. His values and his words sounded totally the opposite from the kind of legacy of President Obama has built in the past almost 8 years. However, the 45th US elections were a reality check for many of us, and the reality is this, Donald Trump is the new President in really a stunning repudiation of the establishment. We should accept this and bless the new leader as he is on his way to govern this country in the next four years.

And we are not alone in this message. Internationally acclaimed Author & spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson have gone live on Facebook. In her video after the results of the US elections were revealed she says in compassion: 

First of all, this is democracy, there was an election. The campaign is over. And the people spoke tonight. They elected Donald Trump. And that is to be respected (…) We are to respect the democratic process. A lot of what this campaign has represented, the lot of things that have been said, it disturbs many of us – we cannot answer with the same disrespect to that…

Further on, she proceeds with some really vibrant and wise words that we should all embrace and cherish among each other.

I would really advise you to really not go and participate in all those horrible stuff that will be on the internet. There is a lot of low energy out there – keep your energy contained. We want to keep the energy out from leaking – we want to keep it strong, because there will be work to do.

I think we need to pray for Hillary Clinton as she is deeply hurt at this time of her life, and we also need to pray for Donald Trump as he is now the President of the United States.

We will disagree on a lot. Let us be strong loyal opposition. Let us be strategic and let us be effective. Let us be proud of the possibilities that lie in any situation, no matter how hard they might be.

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“This is painful and will be for a very long time. We owe Donald Trump an open mind,” has also been the words of Hillary Clinton on the concession speech she delivered.

So indeed, no matter how hard this might be for you, join in really: send love & compassion for Trump & save your energy by not wasting it to fear, disgust, hate and negative emotions. We all need to preserve our positive energy and stay united in times when our reality may look bit more uncertain.

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