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See David Icke at His ‘World Wide Wake Up Tour’

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Want to know more about world leaders and authorities who have placed an Orwellian agenda for humanity? Or who really hides behind terrorism? How does the machinery of mass media is connected to all that and how misinformation function at its best  in times of havoc and uncertainty?

Further on, interested on even more gravely serious topics like World War III? Oh, wait a minute, isn’t WWIII already ongoing? However, isn’t it just taking a sort of new and different format? Like a war on information? Transmuting from previous forms of wars like the War on Drugs or the War on Terrorism? Well, if these topics are something you deeply care about, and if you are thirsty to hear more on them from expert with special insights, you might want to look for a nearby event moderated by David Icke. He happens to know bit more in this sphere, and is currently touring the world with a series of live events.

Just recently, David Icke announced on his Facebook page that his intriguing Worldwide Wake Up Tour continues into 2017… and he will be visiting England, Ireland, Slovenia, Iceland, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, Serbia, Canada, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, France and more…

For full details & how to book a ticket visit The World Wide Wake Up website 

To get fully familiar with the work and practice of David Icke, visit his official website here


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