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Written by Steven Nobel

I worked in the 3D System for Many Years….

I want to talk today on the subject of money and Scare-City Consciousness. To begin this piece let me give you a little background. I worked in international banking for a decade and to be honest I had no idea what was going on there. I know I felt very uncomfortable in that environment. For many years, I put it down merely to a clash of values, and this was certainly going on. You see I believe in social justice and the system I was working in had no interest in such things. When I raised concerns about a number of projects the bank was involved with I was told to just knuckle down and think about the bonus at the end of the year. None of this worked. I knew there was something deeply wrong with this system even if no-one else could see it. It took me many ideas to really see what is going on with money. So here I am many decades down the line with some reflections on our monetary system. They may seem a little radical to some of you. Perhaps to some these ideas are not radical enough. Being a Libran I have chosen the middle way of course.

Debt, Consumerism and Scare-City Consciousness….

Currently, in this outgoing 3D Matrix, we have a monetary system that locks many into debt, consumerism and Scare-City Consciousness. Money itself is not the problem, it is the greed and other negative agendas within the system controlling and restricting monetary flows that is the problem. This system could be viewed as a pyramidal structure with a small group at the top reaping most of the rewards while many at the bottom struggle to survive. This system is wobbling badly because it is unjust, destructive, alien to human nature and to every living kingdom on this planet. You, like me, may feel something is very wrong with this current system. That this system is in need of reimagining and reinventing so that it becomes a more just and equitable system. This possibility is not as far away as you might think.

People are More Easily Controlled When in Fear…

Scare-City Consciousness has been deliberately manufactured by a highly controlled monetary system over the thousands of years it has been in operation. This system quite deliberately installs and reinforces a sense of helplessness and an excessive need for safety. All the various peoples around the world are more easily controlled when they are fear. I know from personal experience that every time I came to a major choice point in my life where I felt invited to take a step outside my familiarity zone it came with a fear of personal safety and survival. My worst-case scenario thoughts would include a fear of homelessness. On one occasion, I remember taking a walk around Hampstead Heath in North London looking for a cosy spot to sleep should worst come to worst. (It never happened of course!) Scare-City Consciousness is rampant in Western societies but has also reached to every corner of the world. In countries such as Britain and the United States there is an almost hypnotic compulsion to shop in order to stay safe and feel good and worthy. Scare-City could be viewed as a disease of chronic unhappiness where the only remedy on offer is to chase and accumulate. This is a disease of the spirit that creates a state of spiritual bankruptcy.

That Old Babylonian Money Magic…

Scare-City Consciousness has been around for a long time. Our current monetary system has been referred to by some as a Babylonian Money Magic system. This is for obvious reasons, it was created long ago when those in the know were aware that money was energy and there were many advantages in creating such a system. Money changers long ago discovered that control over the money gave control over the assets of the people and also control over the government of the people. Many well-meaning people have tried to improve the system. John Kennedy is one contemporary example and look what happened to him. Here is another example, one amongst many – when Julius Caesar first came to power in ancient Rome, one of the biggest challenges was a mountain of debt which caused social unrest, poverty and civil war. There was a distinct lack of coinage, as people were hoarding currency. Julius Caesar ended the unrest by providing free rent for a year, limited how much currency could be kept per citizen and cancelled all interest payments due since the outbreak of civil war. Many were jubilant but not everyone was happy. The money changers had lost control of a lucrative business but this would not be the case for long. Caesar was assassinated, corruption returned, taxes increased and the money supply was reduced by 90%. Businesses failed, citizens lost homes and lands, and poverty became more the norm. Sound familiar?

Scare-City is Created From the Inside Out…

Scare-City is driven by fear based programs lodged deep in the subconscious mind. This is what keeps the false money system going. Such programs, based on false beliefs about the nature of reality, have been passed down through many generations. Such programs get triggered whenever we want to take a step towards personal freedom and success. It is important to realise that such scarcity programs operate invisibly in our reality until they are pointed out and begin to become visible. If we believe that our self-worth is based on how much money we earn or how big our house is or how much status is attached to our job then we are in trouble. We need to see how these ideas are at work inside our minds so they can be cleared and replaced. I am not writing this because I have been immune to picking up such programs. If anything I have been an expert. My family had some deep scarcity issues and these they passed onto me. I have been clearing these programs for some years and know that they are like layers of an onion. These programs can be changed. When this happens, like Neo in the Matrix we can then unplug from the old system and open to new ideas and possibilities that more closely reflect our true nature as a multidimensional being. From that point we will feel much more aligned with the true nature of the universe and the natural order of life on this planet.

Expect Changes as We Move Towards a New Monetary System…

Following the 2012 alignment we are experiencing an increase in light on the planet. This is serving to wake people up to a new level of consciousness which in time will help to recreate many of the governing systems on the planet. Many awake Lightworkers and Starseeds are already working within such systems helping to undermine their energetic blueprint. Many are working on the outside to open new energetic possibilities on the planet. New financial systems are being created in the wings that are moving beyond the old spheres of control. These are helping us move towards a new economic model that is in harmony with spiritual laws and with the natural prosperity of the universe. This year is a crucial year that will initiate some massive shifts in our dominating systems. This will be tough for some as it forces a clearing of negative programs and an unhealthy attachment to an outgoing system. For others, already well along the spiritual path, it will be ultimately liberating since manifestation of a personal heaven on earth is more possible now. Overall the planet will continue to see slow and steady change towards a more wholesome light. Darkness will continue to be released and witnessed as we move towards greater global transparency.

Embrace Abundance Consciousness…

The opposite of Scare-City Consciousness is Abundance or Wealth Consciousness. There are a number of ways to adopt this into your daily experience. In your personal dealings with money please remember that appreciation, gratitude and blessings are powerful practises. Every dealing with money can uplift your energy. Look for just energy exchanges and for win-win situations. Be clear in your agreements and contracting. Work with light meditations and creative visualisation to clear all money streams entering your life. Wherever money enters your life, from whatever source, imagine clearing that stream of energy with light. I imagine great nets of light catching any lower energies. I filter all money streams entering my personal space so that any energies such as fear, greed, shame etc. are neutralised. This is one reason why Lightworkers keep money at bay. They feel it comes with a mixed bag of other energies they would rather not have. But just as water needs filtering money does also. Then the money coming you’re your reality is clean. I thank the money coming in so that it blesses my life and when this energy leaves I imagine that it blesses them in the same way. It is also important to clear all interactions with the banking system. Remember the name some channels give this system is the Babylonian Money Magic system. They give this for a reason! Money is energy and energy can be contained or siphoned off. Make sure your bank accounts are energetically clear and not leaking energy anywhere. You can imagine clearing your bank accounts of negative energies and sealing them with light/light symbols to seal any leaks and to make them safe from energy vampirism. This is one service you can do to help the planet. At the core of our global shift is this notion of service. You are here because of service. This work with money as energy is a service to the planet. To embrace an Abundance Consciousness means adopting some form of service. This is crucial. It is important to remember that service is not the same as martyr hood. You are not here to bleed for the sake of the planet. Your path of service will uplift you as much as others.


About Steve Ahnael Nobel 

I am an author, book mentor and coach. I was the director of a not for profit spiritual organisation called Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1) for 13 years. After leaving at the end of 2012 I created a platform called Conscious Media (where I interview spiritual authors, healers and teachers). Afterwards, I founded a healing system called Soul Matrix Healing which is a blend of different healing systems. This system helps to clear multidimensional blocks and opens up the channel for more of your soul potential to flow through into this existence. I regularly give talks and run workshops and retreats.

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