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Sanskrit and Kundalini Mantra Meditation to Change Your Life

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21st century! A century of advancement, a century of modernism, a century that is a bridge between modern and future. Undoubtedly this century has seen many breathtaking discoveries and inventions which have certainly changed the world. Apart from the discoveries, this has also been a century of chaos, inner-turmoil, where people have been stressed out, suffered anxiety and depression in their life because of the fast and uncertain lifestyle of the 21st century.

Apart from the discoveries, 21st century has also been an age of despair and sorrow for many people. An age where peace and tranquility seem to have lost from the minds of the people hence there emerges a desperate need for some solace and stability of mind in our life.

But how is that possible?

How is it possible to attain peace of mind and bring an immense change in your life where medications and doctors have seemed to be ineffective. What is that can be done in such situation so that we achieve peace of mind?
Well, it is almost certain that you must have come across the word, ‘Sanskrit’.

Yes, Sanskrit! Sanskrit is an old ancient language of India that was once spoken throughout the nation. The Sanskrit language is one of the oldest languages in the world. The language contains immense literature on various topics such as Religion, Spirituality, and Mind & Body and so on. You can Learn Sanskrit online and get better idea about the language.

Sanskrit has defined various techniques of meditation through which one can attain peace and wisdom in their life.

One such technique is reciting ‘Kundalini’ mantra.

A mantra is a verse or a spell that helps to cultivate the nature of body and mind which the mantra describes of. Whereas, Kundalini is a term in Sanskrit which refers to a feminine energy in the body of human this is located at the base of the spine.

The Kundalini mantra is in Sanskrit language and is considered as one of the most powerful and influencing mantras that have the potential to change the life of a person upside down. Kundalini is also a school of yoga that has its own ways of performing meditations that proves to be beneficial to the human body.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the mantra:

  • Changing the perception

With doing regular Kundalini mantra meditation one can achieve a higher sense of perception in their life. Kundalini is a powerful energy that raises the perception level of a person which helps him/her to perceive things differently which they never have. This is a beneficial part of performing kundalini that it has the ability to raise the energy level of the body and thereby giving a new sense of perception to the seeker

  • Activates energy level of the body

As said earlier, Kundalini refers to the feminine energy inside the body which is located at the base of the spine. By Meditating on Kundalini mantra one releases an enormous amount of energy into their body. The experience is breathtaking as well as exalting. One can feel a sudden rush of energy inside them which they might not have been aware of. Thus, Kundalini extricates tremendous amount of energy into the body.

  • Enhances the intuition

The kundalini meditation will enhance and develop a person’s intuitive sense, which means that the person will have a strong inner sense. Kundalini brings the self (you) near to the inner self, which means better guidance in life, better decision-making abilities and a better sense of personality.

  • Releases the negative energy

Kundalini yoga releases the negative energy of the body which proves to be harmful and hazardous to human body and mind. The release of the negative energies brings a positive change and perspective towards life. This change will, in turn, bring out a developed personality in the person.

  • Brings tranquility and peace of mind

This is the problem faced by almost all of us, that the peace of mind is something which is not present even after trying endless ways and remedies; still peace seems to be lost in today’s age. Well, with kundalini yoga, one can attain mindfulness and tranquility. Attaining peace is considered as the end goal of all forms of yoga and even Sanskrit language promotes peace and mindfulness of a person. Kundalini meditation proves to be very effective in attaining the peace of mind through regular practice of Kundalini meditation.

Hence, these were some of the benefits of performing Kundalini yoga which undoubtedly can change a person’s life upside down, however one thing should be taken care of and that is Kundalini is a very powerful yoga technique which has its own disadvantages, which means that if pursued with carelessness, the energy might cause malfunctioning of the body. In some cases, it causes a headache, body ache, and sleeplessness and so on. Hence, it is strictly considered to be done properly and responsibly and if possible then under the guidance of a teacher.

Overall, apart from them, Kundalini mantra mediation proves to be immensely helpful and life-changing experience for the seekers of it.


About the author:
Lisa is a philanthropist and resides love for learning the peculiarities of different cultures around the world. She loves to learn different languages and their characteristics. Right now she is working on Sanskrit language and its hidden mystic and beauty.

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