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Rezvansque: From a Point to a Universe

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Move Towards Transcendence

“Art making has always been a topic for meditators around the world. Once you give your mind a soft focus, something low responsibility that brings you joy, and upon completion, a sense of achievement, your mind will begin to transcend its traumas. The optimal experience of interacting with abstract, complex, entangled curvatures and the touch of your own gorgeous colors, provide you with a sense of mastery,” writes Rezvan Farahany, co-founder at Rezvanesque.

Rezvan’s work deals with highly creative geometries, embedded in her Mind Yoga book which invites everybody to travel through hidden 3-dimensional worlds allowing the individual to discover whilst coloring.

“Exercising your mind in this manner has been proven to not only strengthen your creative thinking but also prevents you from developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in the future years. When you get lost in the act of coloring, time and space distort greatly. You will notice that you have been playing for hours, inside your imagination, where anything is possible. You have now activated your inner child, and have become mindful and content,” adds Rezvan as she discusses her work.

As music and rhythmic sounds open up to a healing dimension of their own, so can geometry gain such function. Before you proceed to review more materials about Rezvan’s Mind Yoga book, don’t forget to also check our previous featured issue with her, There’s geometry in everything. There’s rhythm in everything.

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