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Rezvanesque: “There is Geometry in Everything. There is a rhythm in everything”

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Learn about Rezvan Farahany’s Active Meditation/Soft Focus method

“There is geometry in everything. There is a rhythm in everything. Our universe is based on rhythms; based on patterns. Our body works based on a rhythm. Cell division is based on a rhythm. What happens when the rhythm is broken? We call that cancer, disease, illness, unstable emotions, anxiety, entropy. This rhythm, this intelligence, is embedded in our genome. Any live entity at any point in time is simply dancing to that rhythm, that intelligent harmonious beat that translates into a physical existence; and this is life,” writes Rezvan Farahany in her article “From a Point to A Universe“.

An architect, concept designer and author – Rezvan Farahany

Rezvan is an architect, concept designer, and author living in Chicago, IL who went on to share part of her story and individual journey through meditation here at MeditationTalks. Rezvan writes:

– As a result of my super busy, incredibly stressful lifestyle in graduate school and, later on, in the professional world, I began to see a shift in my overall health. Because I no longer had enough time to sit quietly and meditate, which I had been doing for years, I had to utilize any little time I had during my lunch hour and “actively meditate”. I would listen to music, go in a state of trance, and draw, sitting at the same desk that I did my work. It’s been three years since I began this technique of meditation and as a result, I have a few thousand drawings and hundreds of 3D models. This method, which I later called: Active Meditation/Soft Focus came to my rescue and immensely helped me with my mental health. I could become centered within only 20 minutes of drawing. I kept writings of my experiences during these drawing sessions.

I slowly began to dive deeper into my relaxation technique and active meditation. I came across scientific research on brain wave activities that spoke about alpha waves versus beta waves, comparing relaxation resulting from creativity vs “relaxation” from passively watching television. The reality is that activities such as watching television result in the production of beta waves that put the viewers in an alert, stressed mode, in comparison to art making and creativity that allows your brain to produce alpha waves that help with deep relaxation, reducing depression and anxiety. Because I had experienced and experimented with this first hand, I decided to share this same technique with everyone by making the Mind Yoga™ book. It not only allows you to relax, but the entangled curvatures in the geometry allow your brain to “stretch” which is why I chose the title Mind Yoga. The loose sheets allow for a celebration of these creations. You can share the artwork you have made, or simply hang it on the wall and enjoy.

Below, check out some of the drawings and 3d models (3D patterns that Rezvan has created during her active meditation sessions. Some directly relate to her style in architectural design and furniture design, and some are algorithmic and challenge your mind into understanding them deeply. Each design is made of thousand single lines or thousand of single 3D surfaces.

#1 Between the rays

#2 Ether

#3 Gray Matter


#4 Guitar

#5 Play Ground

#6 Social Dogma

#7 Weekend flower

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