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Relaxation and Meditation Tips For The Busy Mum

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Being a busy Mom can be exhausting, from taxing kids around, preparing meals, doing laundry, cleaning the house and keeping up to date with friends (to name a few) you’re rarely left with any time to yourself. Relaxation and meditation can provide an enjoyable way to exercise and clear the mind, a pure workout perfect for busy moms. This article will discuss 7 top tips to help you relax and meditate that little bit easier whilst dealing with your daily struggles. Here’s the top 7.

● Find Your Happy Place At Home

● Make It Priority● Try Guided Meditation

● Use Crystal Or Gemstones During Meditation

● Make It a Kid-Free Zone

● Do More Things That You Love

● Schedule a Spa day

Find your happy place at home
Home is where the heart is. You’ve probably heard that a hundred times, however, that is for good reason. Finding your happy place at home can completely transform your experience of meditating or even just relaxing. Dedicating one room to yourself (even if it’s your bedroom) allows a sense of freedom and space, perfect for meditating. If relaxing use this space just for you, maybe you watch a film throughout the day here or maybe you pursue a hobby or craft in this space, do something which makes you happy.

Make it a priority
Finding the time to meditate, exercise and relax can often be a tricky exercise, especially as a busy mom. Finding the time consistently throughout the week, however, can help to reduce stress and lift your mood, making that school run that little bit easier. Arrange to meet up with friends or set a specific time, a few days a week, providing time for yourself. As an alternative to exercise, workout or exercise classes can be signed up for, these include the likes of spinning, circuit training and functional exercises to improve your overall health, both mentally and physically. Investing the time and money in these services is investing in yourself, creating a healthier, happier you.

Try guided meditation
Guided meditation is the act of meditating in the presence of others. This can be done one on one, or in a group environment such as a gym. Regular classes are held all around the world. The aim with guided meditation is to remove your thinking process, having it done by a professional, getting you to follow their instructions and control your body subconsciously.

Use crystals or gemstones during meditation
Meditating itself only requires 2 components, the body and the mind. An additional component, however, can be added, the use of crystals and or gemstones. Although it sounds witchcraft, the use of gemstones has been shown to help meditation and increase energy. The most popular use of crystals include both quarts and seletine (according to Energy Muse Blog), this is due to them containing strong energetic properties. Once you’ve selected your crystal, it’s time to meditate. Follow the energy of the crystal (these essentially listen to you), allowing you to clear your mind and feel greater energized.

Make it a Kid-Free-Zone
As mums, we love our kids, however, a little piece of quiet every now and then doesn’t hurt. In fact, this is especially important for relaxing and meditating. How do you plan on unwinding when the baby is screaming? You can’t. Either find time during the day when the kids are asleep, find someone to look after them or wait until your partner is home from work to look after them. Making it a kid-free zone allows you the space to yourself, clearing your mind and allowing you to exercise un-interrupted.

Do more things that you love
Relaxation doesn’t have to just be in the form of meditating. Other exercises or workouts can be used in order to improve relaxation and clear the mind. These include activities such as running, cycling, hiking or hitting the weights. It doesn’t even have to involve exercise. Yes. That’s right. Relaxing can be done in the form of many ways, such as watching your favourite film, ordering in your favourite film or spending time with your favourite people. Whatever helps you relax and clear your mind, do that!

Schedule a spa day
Living a busy life, day in, day out can often leave you feeling drained at the end of the day. For it all to be done again tomorrow. So, why not schedule a spa day and treat yourself to some ‘me’ time? Scheduling a spa day is easy, book with your local shop or look online for a true getaway experience, you can bring the husband too! An entire spa day will leave you feeling relaxed and in awe, with plenty of massages at your fingertips and treatments to decrease your age by a decade. Maybe even bring a friend? Make a day out of it, bring the girls and have an enjoyable yet relaxing time doing something you love.

A concluding thought
Taking on board a mix of these 7 tips will ensure you to become greater relaxed around the home. Remember to make use of your free time, prioritize your health and if you take meditation seriously invest in some crystals. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

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