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Picking YOUR word for 2018

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Article by Pati Hope  

Here’s what we know. Energy follows intention. Whatever we set our intention on, whatever we turn our attention to, is going to manifest in our lives. We’re going to find exactly what we’re looking for whether it’s positive or negative.

It’s true in all areas of our lives, personally, professionally and yes, even politically. That’s why as a collective, it matters what we think and say. We can either help lift the collective up or drag it down simply by what we think and say. In today’s world, more than ever, it’s very important where we are placing our energy, attention and focus.

Many people start each year by discovering a personal word to live by. Last year when we presented this exercise we heard from a few brave souls who shared their words with us. They included: Gratitude; Non-Retail; Back to Basics; Trust in Self; Communication; Self-Love, Simplicity, Diligence, Healing, Boundaries, Hope, Forward with Focus, Travel and Direction.

My Word for 2018 is Authenticity. When I left the Riverbend Retreat Center, I set the intention of practicing personal self-care for the next 5 months. (As long as I was at my next gig.) When I questioned myself on what that really looked like, it was about living a more authentic life. OK, well what does that mean? The answer from within came. Living a life that is true to myself. Being honest with my feelings and in communication. Of course, I’ve already had opportunities to trust and practice. (ick!)

So how about you? Have you thought about picking a word or phrase that will help guide you through 2018, keeping your focused on your intentions for the year? It’s never too late. How about doing it now? You and your word will grow together in a kind of secret, intimate relationship as the year progresses. It’s kind of magical really.

You and your word(s) will begin to soar to new heights of growth and awareness. Your word(s) will become a part of your personal mission statement and begin to soar to new heights of awareness and growth together.

Just remember: When you’re picking you’re word, be sure you’re ready for the opportunities that are going to be lurking around the corner ready to help you stay true to your intention.

Happy New Relationship with you word(s)!

Author Bio

Pati Hope is a mentor, author, Self-Care Advocate, and founder of the non-profit organization, Evolve to Live. She has been recognized nationally by spearheading the efforts to have each September declared “National Self-Care Month”. Pati travels almost constantly sharing her insights and skills with groups, foundations, corporations and individuals. Find more information at or contact her at

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