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Personal Growth Training at Your Fingertips

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Learn how to practice non-violent communication in all areas of life

It is in the DNA of human beings to compete, judge, demand and diagnose, to think and communicate in terms of what is “right” and what is “wrong” with people, as it was a sort of some black & white logic. But nothing in the world can’t be so easily divided into right or wrong. Yet, because of this type of thinking, we tend to express our feelings in terms of what somebody else “did to us”. We miss to acknowledge that at some point everything is exactly how we made it be in our life.  We avoid to take responsibility for some of our action and that brings consequences. We miss the opportunity to raise our emotional intelligence on the next level.

EQ is considered to be one of the 10 most needed skills in the future, source: Pixabay

The above thoughts put us in the position to conclude that oftentimes human interaction lead us to misunderstandings, frustration and even emotional and physical violence. This can much jeopardize the lives we live or the relationships we want to pursue in our lives, regardless if it is about being a friend, a partner or a lover with somebody. In worst cases, we become prone to causing emotional and physical violence, as much as to ourselves, also to other people around us.

It happens to the best of us – that we trigger our violent emotional and physical behavior – and we lack the understanding and knowledge of how to act best in certain perplexed situations. But at Meditation Talks, we are bringing you today a good training opportunity, one of self-growth, which will enable you to learn techniques how to develop your own empathy and better love yourself.

Click Here & acess the knowledge of the world’s premier e-Learning Academy for Nonviolent Communication

The eLearning Academy for Nonviolent Communication (NVC) cultivates a knowledge in the field way back – ever since the 1960’s. Today, it is all accessible through e-learning courses you can follow through the NVC platform.

The NVC academy provides a centralized hub for Online NVC learning, where hundreds of certified NVC trainers deploy their knowledge for you to rediscover yourself and go on the other side of your potentially aggressive behavior.

Throughout our whole lives – we grow, source: Pixabay

Through their Live NVC Courses and NVC Multimedia Library subscriptions, you will be able to learn to transform the way you think, the language you use and to throw off your judgemental attitude, that keeps you away from fulfilling relationships you always wanted to have. As you learn how to apply NVC in all areas of your life, you will be able to learn how to resolve conflicts with more ease, learn to ask for what you want in ways that ensure you will receive it, and you will be able to become a better listener in any communication setting you find yourself in.

Happy growing!

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