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People With Psychic Powers Live Among Us. Could Someone You Know Be One?

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There are individuals on Earth who claim to have psychic abilities, also called ESP. Back in the day, spiritual leaders considered that their powers were frequently directed from various tribes. Regardless that, many folks scoff at the idea of people having psychic powers…. except for these individuals.

1. The Twins Who Called 9/11.

People With Psychic Powers Live Among Us, The Twins Who Predicted 9/11.

On November 22, 1999, Terry Jamison and twin psychics Linda called on the Art Bell radio show that there would be terrorist attacks by 2002. The exact quote was “we’re seeing terrorist attacks on federal government explanation me, national buildings. Especially South Carolina or Georgia, by July 2002. And additionally the New York Trade Center the World Trade Center in 2002, with something, with a terrorist attack.” It’s quite eery they honed in on the World Trade Center while nothing happened in South Carolina.

People With Psychic Powers Live Among Us

 2. Dannion Brinkley: Psychic Through Lightning.

People With Psychic Powers Live Among Us, Dannion Brinkley: Psychic Through Lightning.

In 1975 Dannion Brinkley 25, was hit by lightning. The jolt was so strong that his shoes melted to the floor. Twenty eight minutes after being declared dead, Brinkley woke up but was paralyzed. Seven months after his recovery was complete, and he was realized from hospital. He claimed that he have had visions while he was paralyzed, and in his vision he got information including the election of the Gulf War, the fall of the Soviet Union, and Ronald Reagan. He’s used his new found psychic abilities to solve murder mysteries and comfort those in hospitals.

3. Etta Smith’s Incriminating Vision.

People With Psychic Powers Live Among Us, Etta Smith

In 1980, a young nurse by the name of Melanie Uribe had gone lost. Seeing the narrative on the television, Etta Smith started to have a vision. “It was as if I saw a picture. I saw a canyon region. I saw a road. I saw it arch. I saw a dirt route. I saw shrubbery, and I saw white through the shrubbery.” Her picture was taken by her to law enforcement and told them the story. Worried they wouldn’t take her seriously she herself found a place in LA that matched her vision. There, by a bush she discovered a body, the body of Melanie Uribe. Authorities couldn’t believe it. There had been no signs to that point of who killed Uribe up, so Etta became the prime suspect. She was locked up for several days before the actual killers were discovered. The leader investigator credited Etta’s vision to what screwed up the case wide open.

4. Nancy Myer: Cops Criminal Advisor.

People With Psychic Powers Live Among Us, Nancy Myer: Police Criminal Consultant.

Nancy Myer has worked on over 300 investigations with authorities, turning important signs up 80% of the time. In one consecutive rape case each casualty would be interviewed by her. Her contribution helped the investigation and the authorities were able to locate where the aggressor lived. It is only one of the many cases where Nancy Myer has helped.

5. Don Decker: Rain Man.

People With Psychic Powers Live Among Us, Don Decker: Rain Man.

In 1983 after the passing of his grandfather who molested him, a peculiar phenomenon tied with Don Decker: he would make the walls rain. Don started to believe he was possessed by a devil, as the rain strikes started to intensify. A priest was called by him and was exorcised and the water ceased. Whatever it was that gotten his body, had certainly had left.

Even if you don’t believe in these individuals, it’s difficult to deny their claims entirely (particularly when they’re solving homicides). I’m not certain what to believe.

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