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Numerology toolkit for a quick ‘scan’ of people around you

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How to objectively understand reality to help you in accepting people for who they are.

Most likely everybody experienced a situation when he or she felt misunderstood. A situation where getting your point across to the other person became an impossible task and even to your own amazement you were unable to figure out why the other person doesn’t understand your position – which for you was pretty obvious. But have you thought about the possibility to switch the positions with the other person, look through their eyes and then return to yourself again with a broader more objective understanding of the whole situation? There is a way and it is called numerology. One of the purposes of numerology is to share different perspectives. Sometimes we meet people in our lives we just don’t understand or don’t get along with. It is good to analyze those people and ourselves to see if there is something we might missed in our understanding of the other person.

Numerology as astrology is a science dating back to the ancient discoveries of mathematics. It has been used to assign significance of numbers to an alphabet, thus each letter gains numerical value (Paul O’Brien: Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God). Generally speaking, there are three main forms of Numerology – Chaldean, Pythagorean and Kabbalic. Some argument one form over the other, however as Paul O’Brien suggests, “use one form and use it consistently”.

From my personal experience of Numerology and the observations made on the people around me and their characteristics (energy levels and type, constitution of the body, eating patterns, communication characteristics, values) also including the astrology in the evaluation, I have come to the conclusion (based on my subjective perspective) that Pythagorean Numerology system works most correctly.

Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher who developed a system of numbers on which we base all the natural laws of the world. It also became the foundation for Numerology. Interestingly enough Pythagoras was actually never involved in Numerology in the form that we know it today, but his theories of correlation with the alphabet and predictive cycles gave birth to associating letters with the alphabet from 1 – 9 in the system known as the Pythagorean Numerology system (Christoph Riedweg: Pythagoras: His Life, Teaching, and Influence).

Pythagorean Numerology chart (below) consists of numbers from 1 to 9 and divides letters of the alphabet into the sections of 9. Each letter thus correlates with the number above. For example, letter A has value 1, letter B has value 2, Etc.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


This table is a guiding tool to help you calculate your birth date numbers, personal name numbers and other numbers that can be derived from numerology. It is adjusted for the English alphabet, if you are from a country that doesn’t use English alphabet, please simply insert your alphabet instead of English one. Additionally, if you have married and changed the name, you can calculate both the name you were given at birth and the one after marriage. Both will have effect on the present I will describe in short two main ways to calculate the two most important numbers in any numerology chart: Your Life Path number and your Life Destiny number.

Life path number is calculated

Sum your birth day, month and year numbers and break them into a simple digit. For example, if you were born on the 1st of June 1965, 1+6+1+9+6+5 = 28 which equals 2+8 = 10, 1+0 = 1 Your Life Path number is 1.

Life Destiny number is calculated

Take the letters of your first and last name and sum the values of each letter based on the chart above to get a final number. Reduce the number to a single digit. For example, if your name is John Black, J=1, O=6, H=8, N=5 B=2, L=3, A=1, C=3, K=2 which equals 1+6+8+5+2+3+1+3+2 = 31, 3+1 =4 Your Destiny number is 4.

This are the two main numbers that you should take into account when evaluating yourself or other people. For more information about this and further calculation I would advise you to use the following website:

However as mentioned the purpose of this article is not simply to show you on how to calculate the numbers, but rather to understand what they actually mean. This will help you in your understanding of yourself and others.

The numbers described below show general characteristics associated with each number. Every individual has a numerology chart that consists of different types of numbers and thus creates a unique and complex individual.

Number 1

Number 1 is the beginning of the 9-number cycle. It is a force to be reckoned with. It is a birth of energy, fresh and ready to conquer the world. It is brave but more so daring. It is governed by the masculine principle. People under the influence of this number, especially those with Life Path 1 are explorers, adventurers, pioneers in different fields of activities. They like the thrill of risk in life. One thing about 1 people is that they are highly independent and like to rely on themselves. They are leaders and like to give orders if they realize this or not. From the body type I found that people can be either very strong constitutionally prone to weight gain or rather very slim with lots of muscles. Their energy is high and explosive. No wonder many sprinters have 1 energy. The explosion. The breakthrough of inventors. They are people who like to think outside of the box and make the opinion of the world by themselves. Number 1 doesn’t like taking orders and don’t like to lose in life. They have a realistic outlook at life and like the number 8 energy their behavior can show itself in a sarcastic humor. As a period (personal year, pinnacle number, cycle number), number 1 signifies when you have to rely on yourself and thorough your own independence learn to trust yourself. High confidence and self-reliance can come out of this period.

Number 2

The opposite of one. As the number 1 implies it is alone and look to stand by itself, number 2 needs a second one or others to stand. They seek harmony in their relationships and have diplomatic tendencies. They are more sensitive and are governed by the female principle. They try to avoid conflict by all means. However, once the person with number 2 is ‘cornered’ and forced face the difficulties the life brings, it can show tremendous resilience and strength. Number two is like a thin three that bends when the wind blows, while the other stronger threes don’t bend. Once the wind picks up in strength stronger threes eventually break, however number 2 three survives due to its enormous flexibility. A true survivor.  When experiencing a 2 period in life, it is important to build relations with significant others and not to rush things. Patience is key. They have nurturing qualities and have sensitive bodies. If a 2 is deducted from 29 or 38 it has qualities of an 11. This is the higher octave of 2 and brings significant gifts and lessons to be learned. 11’s are usually people who are great teachers and visionaries. It is important for them to keep ‘one feet at the ground’ at all times so that they don’t forget to work and not only dream about their projects.  Whichever 11 you are, you are blessed and should truly find a purpose in life.

Number 3

Creative, funny and intelligent. They are fun to be around and have many friends and activities. I have also found interesting how intelligent the 3’s can be. And funny…they like to speak their minds and there is a good blend of emotion expressed on an intellectual level. They know how to speak their emotions without being emotional sometimes, interesting paradox. If you are looking for a friend to be an easy company, 3 is a clear winner. People born under the number 3 usually have many different fields of interest, this sometimes makes it difficult for them to focus on a single activity they wish to pursue. Unlike number 4 they sometimes lack the right discipline and work ethic. It is important for them to develop more self-discipline and focus in life. As a number 3 period, you will be called upon to explore different activities and to socialize with people. Your creativity will be at it’s all time high. Express yourself and be happy, little party never hurt nobody.

Number 4

Discipline, hard work, structure. Number four is like the square, four lines make up a square. Square looks stable and logical. Number 4 people are disciplined and practical. They are hard workers and very reliable people you can count on. Going into a fitness with a 4 can be beneficial, they will stick to their diet and regiment. Higher octave of number 4 can be derived from number 22, these people are often builders in some sort of way, great practical ability merged with a great vision.  Under period 4 you will be able to work hard and let go of non-essentials in your life. You are looking to build your foundations in life. It would be easy to assume that number 4 people communicate seriously and have no sense of humor at all. Well, surprisingly enough they are one of the funniest people of all the numbers. It is a good way for them to release the stress coming out of their square shaped energy.

Number 5

Number 5 is a person who is associated with freedom. They are just those easy-going folks that everybody want to be. They love to travel and experience new cultures. They are great at communicating and like to talk a lot. If you book a trip make sure to call a 5 with you, he will be sure to go. Personal numerology year 5 is a year of freedom and change. It is a time to broaden your horizons and explore more. Looking at the nine-year cycle, year 5 is a time where life is at its busiest. Many positive surprises and breakthroughs are possible this year. If number 5 symbolizes your pinnacle or cycle number, it means you will have a longer 5 period that will make you a sort of nomad. Either you will change many jobs, travel a lot or just life exciting and busy period in your life.  One mayor point about number 5 is that, they sometimes lack the proper discipline to get things done. They have to be aware that there are certain responsibilities in life that need to be addressed. Finding the right balance is the key.

Number 6

Rules the family and the community. Responsible and a great parent. They like to have things clean and in order. I have found this people always to be very pleasant and likeable. They are those pretty people everybody wants to be associated with. No wonder they are many times in the beauty industry in whatever form. Alternatively, people under 6 are also most often associated with the teachers. The nurturing quality of a responsible, sometimes strict but fair teacher fit’s them nicely. Number 6 can also be derived from number 33, which is the higher octave of 6. It includes 11 and 22 and means this people have tremendous self-discipline and live to service others in a way. They have the vision of the 11, they have the practical approach of the 22. They are thus able to transform their vision into reality. However, their main motivation is to create something for the benefit of others. As tough they want to nurture people on a larger scale. Period 6 is a period where your family life will take the biggest importance. You will also look to take care of your body in a healthy way.

Number 7

They love art. These people are usually in the arts or in spirituality. There is an affinity with number 9 here. Would say like a mellow number 9 in terms of aggressiveness. 7’s are people who are inspired by the senses around them, they like to read, and to create. They like to get a spell from life and get lost in it. They are those magic beings that have produced some of the greatest works of art known to man. They also like solitude and contemplation. It is no wonder why many important spiritual people were number 7’s. There is something simple in the way they are, almost modest. As a period number 7 is a period where you are trying to understand the workings of the world. You want to understand the meaning of the world and won’t stop until your curiosity is satisfied.

Number 8

Robust looking, almost always at some point in life have issues with being overweight. Strong people with great sense of humor and a lot of energy. They are practical and business oriented. Similar to the 1 energy with one big difference. Number 1’s are much more inclined to take risks, while number 8 is highly pragmatical. On the negative they can be manipulators to achieve their goals, on the positive they can be great organizers and managers. If 1 is a leader or a king, the 8 is the general. They love money and they are not shy to show it off. As a period number 8 has similar qualities, you are called upon to be businesslike and realistic. These people are very realistic after all and their sarcastic humor signifies that. One quality they never get enough credit for is their basic understanding of most basic human needs, they are deep humanists that know what earning money means, what every day work is and appreciate the basic human qualities.

Number 9

They have a broad look at the world. They are tolerant people and have surprising qualities that are usually associated to service of the groups. Firefighters, soldiers are associated with this number. There is something ‘army like’ in them. The organization, the basic needs of the people, the real work. 9’s are headstrong and they have a surprisingly strong mind and character and would even dare to put them in the same category with 1 and 8 people. Period 9 is associated with endings and completion and also with spirituality. Many of these people are not spiritually inclined, which is surprising since number 9 is a very spiritual number. They are usually great friends, and like socializing with people from different ethnic backgrounds.

People communicate out of different perspectives, number vibrations that we hold inside are reflected back to us through life. Like attracts like. Your inner setting attracts situations and people that confirm your inner belief about the status of things in the world. Sometimes we get so lost in our own perspective that we forget that there is anything else that can exist. Numerology indeed can help you understand other people, empathize with them and evaluate your relationship in a more objective light.

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Article by Tilen Nikiforov

Tilen is an explorer of life; has devoted himself to theory and practice of life. Has already lived around several countries around the world – from Africa to Portugal, Russia, Belgium, and Poland. He has seen many faces and many cultures and finds the basic ‘human imprint’ the same wherever he goes. Although working currently in the business world, he is looking to expand his spiritual practice to more creative fields, striving to make that his life mission in the future.


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