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New Human, New Earth, New Humanity

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What does it mean to be a “new human” living on a “new earth?

Something big is happening all over the planet. Humans are changing. Many are entering into a higher dimension and leaving the old reality. Inner codes are being activated, codes that upgrade human potential, codes that expand human perception. These are just part of the topics that a new documentary under the name New Human, New Earth, New Humanity aims to tackle.

People from different spheres gather and discuss this new cycle in human evolution. And some of the questions they ask are quite compelling to share with you here: will you choose to be part of the change? Will you choose to engage for this new challenge and prepare to live differently?


The film comes in times when humans really do go through a huge awakening process. As a result, reality on Earth is shifting from separation to unity consciousness. More and more, human arrive to recognize that separation within each human and between humans is a source of pain and suffering, hence destruction on the planet has become so common.But the new humans are better than that, they take consciousness at a new higher level.

This is the third awareness raising documentary by filmmkaer Lana Marconi, Ph.D, who gathers 14 experts to explain how humanity is to evolve in the forthcoming period and what we can expect from there.

See film trailer for New Human, New Earth, New Humanity here:

Video source: DrLanaMarconi

The film stars Academy Award Winner Colin Chilvers; Award Winning Director Emmanuel Itier; Television Host of the Paranormal Show Stan Mallow; Executive Producer for Sirius Tom Clearwater; and Psychologist Dr. Deborah McGill, also featured in Marconi’s first documentary called The Wellness Story. Other experts include: Michelle Anderson, Leonard Bernard, Diane Brisebois, Catherine Ann Clemett, Stacey J. Hentschel, Jeanine Just, Kenneth Jaques, Ayanna Mojica, and John D. Riley.

You can also look for the official social media channel about the documentary on Facebook here

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