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How A Few Minutes of Meditation Helps You Stay Relaxed All Day

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Are you stressed?  Stress plagues everyone at some point and with varying levels.  There are some things you can do to calm your inner self so you can stay focused and productive.  Meditation has long since been used for calming both the mind and body.  Its soothing effects have been used for hundreds of years and can help you deal with even the most stressful of situations.

Create the Atmosphere

How A Few Minutes of Meditation Helps You Stay Relaxed All Day

Creating a relaxing atmosphere in which to meditate strengthens the session.  Candles, aromatherapy using essential oils, and soft music provide an escape, if only for a few minutes, in which to center yourself, breathe, and meditate.  This comforting environment allows you to ignore anxious thoughts and worries that are stressing you out.  You only need a few minutes of meditation, and that will help you keep relaxed throughout the day.

How Does It Work?

Meditation helps both mind and body relax and de-stress.  A tranquil and clear mind are the desired results of meditation, and they can be achieved by training your mind to focus and disregard the chaos of thoughts running through your brain.  A crowded mind is a playground for stress and calming and centering your train of thought allows the mind to relax, in which the body will follow.

Calming the Mind Benefits You All Day

How A Few Minutes of Meditation Helps You Stay Relaxed All Day

Studies have shown that our minds are preoccupied with thoughts, situations, and interactions all day.  Stress occurs when we feel overwhelmed or perceive a situation as something that may pose a threat or one in which we can’t control.  Finding a calm place for a few minutes can help chase away all these negative notions.  This can be done at work, in a quiet space, or you can sit in your car, go outside and enjoy nature for a few minutes or anywhere that you can have just a moment of alone time.  Focusing your mind on one positive thought or visualization, or repeating a positive mantra such as “I can succeed,” or “I am at peace” helps your mind and body to stabilize.

Your Body Will Thank You

How A Few Minutes of Meditation Helps You Stay Relaxed All Day

As you meditate, your mind stops its crazy turmoil and changes into a happy, focused entity.  Meditation has long been praised for its mental and emotional benefits, but it also helps your body too.  As your mind relaxes, so does your body.  Stress builds tension and tightness which can lead to pain and soreness.  Meditating helps your muscles and tendons relax and soothes the discomfort associated with them.  Your body needs a break too, and meditation is a fantastic way for overall relaxation that will benefit your tired body the rest of the day.

Easy Does It

Trying to accomplish our never-ending to-do lists in one day has a significant spike on stress.  Whether we are sitting stationary or being physically active, stress spikes our heart rates and can put us at higher risk of heart-related issues.  You can take back your calm and relaxation which will provide better focus by meditating.

Take a few minutes to close your eyes and let your mind focus on one thing as you dismiss the things that are troubling you.  Breathe normally, without placing too much focus on it, and let your body slip into a comfortable place.  This helps lower your heart rate, give your body a break, and chase away stress.

Are you busy?  Everyone is busy at some point during the day.  Don’t let stress rob you of your focus and calm.  Meditation can be achieved in only a few minutes, and the benefits to both your mind and body will last all day.


Bio: Since she started Relax Everyday, Sarah has been sharing the techniques and strategies she learned to help people achieve a rested and relaxed state. She hopes that what she teaches will lead to better lives and happier dispositions.

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