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A Getaway to the Deeper Realms of the Soul – The Must-See Art Work of Meghan Oona

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On the auspicious day of 7.7.77, Meghan Oona was born into a loving family in the Heartland. Blessed with a sense of magic early on, she made art since she could hold a crayon.

Following her dreams of enchanted forests to the West Coast, Meghan Oona graduated from Evergreen State College with her BA in Interdisciplinary Art.

After spending a year in the desert on a vision quest, Meghan Oona clarified that art is her purpose, then earned her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and became a professional artist.

“We all seek to understand ourselves more deeply. We all want to be fully awake, alive, and joyful. That’s where I come in. I act as a visual shaman by painting cosmic truths to awaken you to your true essence,” shares Meghan in discussing how she has created her work of art. But without further ado, see her visionary work below!



Her Highness



Love Supreme

Meghan Oona’s work

Meghan Oona makes vibrant and celebratory art to awaken people to their true essence. Infatuated with the world’s mythological, artistic, and spiritual traditions, her practice explores archetypes and paths to bliss.

Meghan Oona’s art is about soul-awakening, blending cosmic beings with meticulous and colorful abstraction, using her unique, freestyle version of Celtic-knotting. Mysticism, fashion, and mythology inform the work. She uses multiple mediums like oil, pencil, and acrylic on paper and wood.

You can read about her journey to become an artist here.

You can also check out her website or get in touch through Instagram or over email here:


“…vibrant, playful, and startlingly expressive portraits that crackle with incandescent energy, the kind you might experience in a highly charged dream sequence saturated with never ending color, geometry, and rhythm… I found myself saying “Wow! the first time I saw Meghan’s work…” (the Art People)

“…inspired and inspiring… While her work carries a sense of boundless energy and unbridled creativity, there is also a formal intricacy and hard-earned craftsmanship that holds it all together… richly colored, wildly tangential abstract vibrancy…” (Jon Zimmerman, for Surrender to the Flow Magazine)

“…Absolutely gorgeous! …like a modern Klimt!” (Gregory G.) 

“Meghan Oona’s story is beyond any words. Just amazing.” (Luca, Heart of Art Blog)

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