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New Study Finds Meditation Training Creates A Distinct Network of Genes (Anti-Aging) & Improves Cellular Health

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Science is currently catching to Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the knowledge summarized in the Vedas, and other ancient texts. For about 5,000 years people have been practicing meditation, proving the positive impact it can have on the body, as well as to the mind. But it is only since recently that science has started to accept meditation to have a strong effects on human well-being. Some research even expose mind-blowing gains you can obtain from undergoing meditation training.

A study recently released in Translational Psychiatry demonstrated just how beneficial meditation training can be for human health, as the molecular touch of meditators was found to be significantly different from people who don’t meditate on a regular basis.

How Meditation Training Can Improve Your Health

Researchers tempted girls between the ages of 30 and 60 who did not have experience meditating to participate in the study and after that divided them into two groups: those who’d participate in the refuge (“novice meditators”) and those who’d just stay at the resort (“vacationers”). Researchers compared their results against each other as well as to those of girls already enrolled in the escape who were in exactly the same age bracket and meditated often (“regular meditators”). The participants’ well-being was examined before and after five days and after that maintenance evaluations were completed one month and 10 months later.

Regular mental measures were used to discover participants’ depression symptoms and perceived levels of vitality, mindfulness, and anxiety. Participants also had their blood drawn on days one and five of the study.

meditation training, Meditation Talks

Although all three groups experienced significant improvements in mental health, novice meditators revealed much greater advancements in reference to depression in comparison to the vacationers, especially at the 10-month mark. It really is clear from these findings that short-term holiday effects improve well-being; yet, it’s apparent that there are long term advantages from learning meditation also.

While on vacation, genes which might be generally needed for dealing with wound healing, pressure, and injury are down-modulated. One of the ones that were down-modulated post retreat/vacation were FOXO3 and MME, both of which are known as pressure-associated genes. This study is believed to be the first documentation that FOXO3 expression can be decreased by a pressure reduction intervention.

Researchers also identified what they referred to as a “meditation effect , the frequent meditators were found to have a different network of genes with cellular functions that will be related to anti-aging. In contrast, the “meditation effect” can actually be endured if you’re practicing meditation regularly, so you are able to continuously reap the rewards.

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More Studies Proving Meditation Training Can Better Your Body and Mind

A study conducted by Harvard University ascertained that meditation rebuilds the brain’s grey matter in only eight weeks. The study demonstrated that by inducing easiness, as meditation can be scientifically described, participants reduce their symptoms of IBS, they decrease stress and have improved quality of life.

Still unfamiliar and thinking whether to begin with meditation training or not. Keep your mind out and give it a try! No special skills are required anyway. It is simply the act of silencing the mind and finding inner peace. It is not about stopping thoughts from occuring in the first place, it is just letting them pass and be, without judgement, without attachement and without engagement.

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