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Magical Gemstones And Crystals 101

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Crystals are MAGICAL!

So you’re interested in crystals but don’t know where to start? Well aren’t you a lucky duck, we’ve got just the thing.

Back when our founder, Dominique, was learning about crystals and all things healing, she really just wanted a good and simple resource to start with and get her familiar with the whole scene.

She wanted a video that was clear, simple, to the point and gave her the essentials to get started. She stumbled across this video and thought it gives a very simple and yet informative on the overall understanding about crystals and gemstones.

So if you’re curious about healing crystals and unsure where to start, this is the video is perfect for you.

Go on, dip you toe in the big world of energetic zennnnnnnn.

To Learn more about crystals, we highly recommend: The Crystal Bible!

Video credit to Spirit Science

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