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Love Is A Choice

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Author: A.G.Billig

A few years ago, I bought a nice T-shirt that stated Love forever. The embroidered red heart was more appealing than the message. My life experience had taught me that romantic relationships weren’t meant to last. I didn’t blame my partners; not even my parents could accept me for who I really was. True love or forever love seemed so impossible as eternal youth. I still have the T-shirt, but nowadays the letters on the front have a different meaning. Love is no longer an abstract concept or a Hollywood projection. Love is a conscious choice.

We expect love to happen to us, strike us like lightning, swipe us off our feet. Shine its warmth on us same as the sun does. Only things don’t work like this. It was written in the holy books a long time ago: we can’t serve two masters. When we think about the choices we make, we realize they are based on love or fear. You might say that sometimes you just can’t help it, that life circumstances force us into fear. Although we can’t always control the external circumstances of our life, we can always choose how we respond. We can always choose love.


Love is a sparkle inside our heart, waiting to be nurtured, taken to the surface, turned into a powerful light that brightens us and everyone else. Love makes us feel so good whenever we help other people or are of service to our community. Love brings us inspiration, creativity, health, and wealth. Love always attracts more love.

Choosing love begins with choosing what we focus on in the world. Are we paying attention to all the blessings in our life, to the beautiful nature around us, to the generous people who, in our history, served the well-being of mankind? Think about all the philanthropists, inventors, artists, and professionals but also of the anonymous that are never on the news. Think about the Universe that grants your wishes and provides all the necessary resources for survival.

It continues with awakening the love inside our heart. Getting rid of limiting beliefs such as love hurts or being nice is being stupid. Tearing down the walls we built to not experience pain again. Understanding that the Universe is made of love, out of love. We are drops in an ocean of love therefore, even when we forget it, we are it. Love.


It goes on by keeping it alive. Turning off the noise (TV, gossip, negative thinking). Learning self-love. Stopping taking things personally. Have you ever considered that aggressive people are hurting so bad that they need to vent their rage on others? Also, individuals who push our buttons are our best teachers. We should be grateful to them. They are perfect mirrors, reflecting back our true beliefs about ourselves.

Love is a choice we make every second until we restore it to our default state of being. It manifests then in every aspect of our existence: family, career, finances, and health. In the way we touch our significant other and say “dear mom” over the phone. In the heart and soul we pour into your professional activity with the intention of helping other people. In the gratitude we feel each time we  get the bills – for all the good services we receive. In the respect we pay to our amazing bodies. Spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga are of great help in the process.

I hope you choose love, too.


agbilligA.G. Billig is a Reiki Usui Master, love coach, best-selling published author, radio host, and spiritual seeker. She practices also Karuna Reiki, Angelic Healing, and Info Reiki. “I CHOOSE LOVE”, her latest book, is an invitation to sublimate your existence into love, to re-gain yourself, re-crystallized, through love.

“I believe that love is our natural state of being. Love that rejuvenates and inspires us, that gives us the strength and abilities to defeat obstacles. I also believe a love fairy hides in every woman’s heart, waiting to awaken. She is the one making your beauty and feminity blossom. Your inner love fairy is passionate, charming, kind, wise, playful, and mysterious. She has the warmth of the summer sunset and the sexuality of an untamed Eve. The moment you awaken your inner love fairy, these qualities become yours.”

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