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Love For A Healthy Mind and Body

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There’s a force running through the Universe that can do anything for you. You’ve surely heard of it, but do you know how to use it to improve your life, be healthier, and keep your spirits up? This immense and omnipotent force residing in you can perform miracles. And you don’t need to look anywhere else but in yourself to find it, because you can ‘produce’ it at will. You just need to want it.

As you probably guessed, the force I’m talking about is Love. I’m not going to describe what Love is, because Love is impossible to describe. If you ask people at random what Love is, aside from the thousand-and-one clichés you hear, you’ll see that each of us has our own personal definition.

The vision belongs to each one of us. It depends primarily on what we learned during childhood, as well as on the lessons drawn from our experience of Love and love. That’s right, you’re not seeing double and I didn’t make a mistake. I’m talking about Love with a capital L, and love with a small l, two completely different, but complimentary notions.

Love and love

When you saw the title of this first Section: ’For A Healthy Mind and Body – Love’ you no doubt thought about the kind of love that unites two people together. In fact, the term Love covers a much bigger reality. I’m going to talk to you here about Love with a capital L, not ordinary love, which is the feeling that unites two beings. It can last for a few hours or for an entire lifetime, depending on what the two people have in common, and on how they define the feelings they share.

Even if small-l love can be very strong, and make two people stay together their whole life, what I want to talk about is Love with a capital L. The Love I mean encompasses ordinary love, since it can be an emotional bond between two people, but it’s not restricted to just that. The Love I’m referring to is a much greater force that goes way beyond simple attraction between two human beings.

Love with a capital L is a feeling that doesn’t necessarily imply an emotional link with someone. It can best be compared to the Christian and Buddhist concept of compassion. Compassion is something you can feel for all human beings, even if you don’t know them! If small-l love is a bond shared by two people for a few hours, or a whole lifetime, capital-L Love is a feeling that needs to be cultivated and developed, so it reaches all living beings on Earth.

Unconditional Emotion

If you develop the kind of compassion I call capital-L Love, you aren’t necessarily linked to someone, but you do love them unconditionally, and don’t hope for anything in return from the Love you give. This true compassion, or total Love, is called unconditional because it’s not linked to any of the personal interests involved in the small-l kind of love you feel for one special person. Unlike small-l love, Love with a capital-L unites you with all living beings, both mentally and emotionally.

Capital-L Love makes you Love all human beings unconditionally and indifferently, whether you know them or not, no matter what their skin color is, what religion they follow, what culture they have, what ideas they believe in, or the way they live. ‘Unconditionally’ means not having or seeking any personal interest in your total Love. Practicing unconditional Love or compassion will give you so much strength and energy you’d probably have trouble imagining how powerful and beneficial it can be.

How To Love Unconditionally

Practicing unconditional Capital-L Love is very simple. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps. To generate and practice Total Love, you need to start by making the way you behave, think, speak and act, as positive as possible. It begins in the morning when you wake up. Tell yourself that no matter what your situation is like, no matter how dramatic it may be, you can always find a way of improving it.

In the morning, summon all your conviction and tell yourself: ‘Here’s my situation this morning (sum it up in one sentence, mainly concerning money, Love and Luck.) I can change it at any moment, if I practice unconditional Capital-L Love!’ To practice unconditional Love you need to be optimistic, and affirm to yourself that you’re going to stay optimistic all day long. To be capable of feeling compassion or unconditional Love, you first need to love yourself!

Then go about your daily tasks, but always in a positive frame of mind. Gradually start doing unselfish things. Help others by giving them your time, your attention, or even some of your money. Never think about what you might get out of it. You’ll receive much more by maintaining this kind of attitude than you could ever imagine now. Under such conditions, wealth, Love and Luck will bless you with unlimited benefits.

Author Bio

 Federico is a full-time daydreamer and writer for Ask Astrology  He has a weakness for imagination, love, astrology, and spirituality. He has been writing articles since he was 18 and soon discovered that there is nothing as captivating as the magic of words. He is a firm believer of the power of spirituality and the capacity for constant improvement. He likes to consider himself an “optimist in a world in which positivism is considered a disease”..

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