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Want to Reveal Your True Inner Self? These 6 Spiritual Hacks Will Do the Trick for You

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#4 Illness as a gateway to the soul

Discover the 3 Fields of Shamanic Power
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Illness or disease is not something that happens to us by accident. Moreover, a specific illness, like a persistent cough, skin disease or cancer may be the alert for something much bigger that is happening to you. Contemporary medicine agrees that most diseases are symptoms that the body gives to your mind when something is wrong, even at a subconscious level.

On the other hand, shamans for ones have seen illness as a doorway to the soul. A signal that we are not on the right path in life, but that through the illness, we can use the opportunity of a turning point. As a realization, as a bliss, as a shortcut to arrive at new stages of consciousness we were not aware of before. Seen from the shamanic perspective, illness can equate to an awakening of our inner spirit to a brand new life that only we personally can allow for ourselves. If we fail to recognize that, sometimes it could virtually mean and lead to the end of our life.

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