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Want to Reveal Your True Inner Self? These 6 Spiritual Hacks Will Do the Trick for You

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#3 Attune to a community that is compliant with your energy 

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As crystals are a sort of community of their own, metaphorically speaking, humans are community or empowered energy grid of their own too. Just remember Tesla’s words that if you really wish to know the universe, is to think in terms of vibration, energy, and frequency. That’s true for crystals that we talked about over the previous slide, and that’s most certainly true about people. Whom you connect and spend time with is crucial for shaping who you are. Energies attract. Hence, it’s very logical to affirm that if you wish for enhanced spiritual growth, it will happen much sooner if you surround yourself with just the right group of people. The effects of conscious and targeted collective energy many act as the best direct, and most inspirational source of spiritual and inner growth, so don’t miss out to recognize when the right person arrives in your life. He or she just might be the world-bridger for you, bridger to brand new worlds and brand new realms of consciousness.

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