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Want to Reveal Your True Inner Self? These 6 Spiritual Hacks Will Do the Trick for You

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#2 Work with healing stones and crystals

Quartz and rose quartz crystals for spiritual healing, source: Pixabay

At first, you may find the idea of working with healing stones and crystals not attractive, or too weird to start with, or not your cup of tea. What you should really look forward is give crystals time. If you are only curious about crystals, you may stay so for years, until one day the right crystals appear for you. Choose your first crystal intuitively. You will just know when a crystal is a right fit for you. It will call you and resonate with you. As peculiar as it may sound, spend some time with the crystal as if it was a person, your new close friend with whom you share some sort of secret. Cleanse it in a water for a day or two. Observe the tiny stone and rotate it often in your fingers.  Try to remember its structure, surface, and color. Connect with it once you feel ready by holding it in your left arm while meditating. Crystals always bring around their own special energy. By connecting with them, you can access their energy grid and special information they carry for you, hence help you in some aspect of your spiritual growth, whether it be your enforced psychic powers, an ability to a premonition, clarity of mind, intuitive thinking or else.

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