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Want to Reveal Your True Inner Self? These 6 Spiritual Hacks Will Do the Trick for You

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#1 Visit a sacred site where you could meditate 

The sacred site of The Angkor Wat, Cambodia, the equivalent of Mountain Meru,  source: Pixabay

Sacred sites are energy vortex points around the world. They are not being recognized as sacred for the sole purpose of it. Most often, sacred sites were the points where ancient civilizations conducted their rituals and practices, where collectively invested their prayers and thoughts, and collectively cared that the site is kept well.

More than that, some of the sites are aligned with the stars, like the Great Pyramids of Giza who at the time of being created were situated as the Orion constellation was situated on the skies. Because of their importance, a plethora of conspiracy theories as well always relate to many sites. Some of them for example state that all pyramids around the world were used as antennae, to communicate with extraterrestrials who since always have visited Earth.

Whatever the stories are, one thing is sure, by letting yourself to experience the energy of a particular sacred site, you also become a medium of that energy. Many report that this is a special feeling, exhilaration, and trigger for consequent spiritual awakening and personal growth.

Here is a list where we suggest 12 sacred sites you could visit for a meditation pilgrimage that could change your life.

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