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Learn how to do Aumkar Meditation

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Most of the people want to do Meditation but they don’t know how & from where to start.

Well being a resident of the Land of Karma -Kurukshetra, here’s my small effort to help you commence –

Learn extremely effective Indian Meditation technique in just 4 minutes!

The simple meditation technique that I am talking about is called Aumkar Meditation which I learned at Sadhguru’s Isha Yoga Centre, Coimbatore, India during my stay there. I am really thankful to the teachers/disciples of Isha Foundation there who taught me this super powerful Aumkar meditation as it really makes me feel calm, relaxed & full of energy every single time:
What to do:
(Audio Description – Aumkar Meditation – RahulYuvi )
1. Sit in the Dhyan Mudra i.e.

learn how to meditate, Aumkar meditation

  • Cross-legged posture (Lotus position as they call it) preferably the right leg (masculine) over left leg (feminine) with your spine erect. (will discuss this masculine & feminine concept in some other post). Tension should only be in your hands while arms & shoulders should be relaxed.
  • As for the hands, the tip of the index finger of each hand should touch the tip of the respective thumb thereby making an “O”.Rest three fingers of each hand should point straight.              learn how to meditate, Aumkar meditation
  • Close your eyes.

2. Utter the sound AA-UU-MM (Please note you have to utter AUM and not OM ).

  • Start by uttering ‘AA’ sound just like ‘a’ sound in the word father. Slowly keep on closing your mouth while continuing to utter AA, you will observe that sound will automatically get converted to ‘UU’. Continue. As your lips eventually touch each other, ‘MM’ sound will emerge. The time span for each of AA, UU & MM sound should approximately be same.
  • Please notice the vibrations patterns in different portions of your body while uttering these different sounds: -ii) UU sound – Vibrations just above stomach area; iii) MM sound – Vibrations in nasal area

3. After doing this for 12- 15 minutes continuously, sit quietly in the same posture for another 10 minutes and observe the upward flow of vibrations in your body(yes, you can actually feel the energy flow after a week or so)

learn how to meditate, Aumkar meditation

Here’s an audio link again to know how exactly Aumkar meditation is to be done:
Do this regularly (once or twice, preferably with a light stomach in the morning or evening) and feel the magic.
Since this meditation has helped me, there is no reason why it won’t help you but being regular is the key guys.
I would love to hear your experiences and please share this post so as help maximum people learn this beautiful meditation taught originally by Sadhguru’s Isha Yoga Centre.

Why AUM ? – If you are really interested to know the mystics behind AUM, then please drop me a message, will explain in detail individually as it needs a little bit of spiritual back up.)

Article written by Rahul
See more at My First Spiritual Travel at Sadhguru’s Isha Yoga Centre


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