Leaning into Letting Go

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From my work as a Personal Transition and Self-Care Specialist, there seems to be a lot of us who are finding ourselves in the midst of change.

Here are some of the situations of some of my clients. Loss of job, loss of housing, death of a loved one, end of relationship and financial distress are just a few changes people are getting to deal with. Notice I used the word, getting instead of having.

It’s very helpful if we can begin to see that things are happening for us rather than to us. I know, when you’re in the middle of shit, it doesn’t feel like it’s for us at all. But trust me. I’ve been on my own personal journey of self-discovery longer than I care to remember and once I began to see that I was being supported instead of punished I began to enjoy the journey of living rather than hunkering down with my head in the sand, waiting for the chaos to pass over me.

When things in our life go differently than we plan, the temptation is to try harder, use more willpower and try to regain control. In fact, 95% of people run back to the familiar by using those very tactics.

But it doesn’t work and what ends up happening they become more rigid, more controlling and the emotions get stuffed down, eventually causing disease, displaced anger, unhappiness or depression. And the worst part is that they don’t even know why they are having the emotions they are. While trying to keep everything the same, stay with the familiar, that is not the desire of the soul.

The soul wants to evolve and the changes that we are experiencing are simply ways to shake us from our complacency. After all, when things are smooth sailing in our lives our tendency it to live mindlessly. We can move through life without thinking. We know how to get through the day on autopilot. BORING…..

But when things go catawampus in our lives, while again, the temptation is to run back to the familiar, the Invitation is to Become Real. The invitation is to move in a new direction, exploring other opportunities and ways of moving in the world. The Invitation to Become Real is an opportunity for us to explore and experience life in new ways that help us to rediscover who we were created to be, not necessarily who we became. It’s a chance to reconnect with our passion in life, the gifts that we’ve been given to share with the world and the things that bring us joy.

Life, isn’t about more self-control, it’s about giving up control. Why don’t we? Because using more self-control makes us look heroic, while giving up control makes us look flighty and indecisive. The ego wants to feel superior, in control and right. (1st Half of Life.) But The Invitation is to move to the 2nd Half of Life, to let go and trust in the God of your understanding, (A Higher Power.)

In my life, absolutely everything that I believed and held as a truth was stripped away. Why? Because I wouldn’t let go! When adversity came my way, time after time, after time… I wouldn’t let go. I took all of them as challenges for me to fix. I thought that as long as I could keep everything the same as it’s always been then I was doing okay. I wasn’t going crazy. I didn’t look like I was defeated. I looked like I had everything together.

But that’s not the journey. And the God of my understanding nudged me along even further. (By the way, the nudge actually felt like being pushed off a cliff!)

“Let me make it easy for you. The 1st Half of Life, everything that you believed and held dear, ZAP, it’s all gone. You’re Walton’s lifestyle, family dreams, designing, building, jobs that you loved, people you cherished, ZAP, they’re gone. Let me help you even further. Let’s make it so the whole world doesn’t love you anymore. That should be freeing. You get to stop being who everyone else thinks you should be and start being who I’ve created you to be. Still having trouble trusting me? OK, I’ll give you time off, with pay no less. Let’s put you on disability for surgery, nothing too serious… how about let’s revamp your creative center and give you six months at the beach to recuperate and a beautiful house in the hills, with wonderful breezes and city lights… rent free. What about that? Will you let go now?”

I found out that when I finally was able to let go, trust and began living mindfully, stepping out of my comfort zone of the familiar, that God/The Universe thought up far grander things for me than I could have ever thought up for myself.

I’ve since discovered that when we begin leaning into letting go (The 2nd Half of Life) letting go of our old beliefs, expectations and perceptions that there is a really big and exciting adventurous life to be lived.

Discovering who we have been created to be not only invites but demands that we begin to let go, trust, rest and give up control.

As with a water skier who has fallen off the ski knows, that if you try to hold on to the rope after you’ve lost your balance, you’re in for some pain. You’ll end up with your arms being pulled out of their sockets, water up your nose and bathing suit half off. But by simply letting go, they will float to the top awaiting the next adventure that presents itself down the pipeline.

If you’re having trouble letting go, try just leaning towards it. Try thinking that you’re not letting go into the abyss, but that you’re letting go to someone… something that you can trust… A Higher Power of your understanding.

Keep in mind, that leaning into letting go is just the beginning of the adventure and that nothing will look like your expect… so don’t forget to let go of your expectations as well and enjoy the ride of your life!

Article by: Pati Hope

If you want more information about The Invitation to Become Real, The Shift, The 1st and 2nd Half of life, visit www.evolvetolive.org.

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