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The Premiere of Sangeeta Kaur’s Mantra Opera – NIGUMA

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An enchanting story of awakening inspired by the ancient teachings of Lady Niguma

NIGUMA is a GROUNDBREAKING, contemporary MANTRA opera. Inspired by the 11 the century yogini, Lady Niguma, Sangeeta Kaur’s Mantra Opera will see its premier on Saturday Nov 5th at 7:30pm in Santa Monica, California. You can purchase tickets here!

The operatic experience weaves ancient yoga teachings and timeless wisdom through fusion of multi media expressions: song, dance and mantra. It is directed to take the audience on a journey that will inspire them to connect with their inner heart, spur their own timeless wisdom, and to stir each and every observer of the opera mantra to exercise their altruism. Hence, the Nov 5th evening with Sangeeta Kaur promises to be a night of creativity, profound imagery that is to bring listeners and viewers into a space of deeper listening, and offering a pleasant experience of freedom, fun and unforgettable melodies.



Niguma Opera is a tale of a young girl named Manda, and her enchanting journey of awakening. Her inner world is defined by struggles, trapped in chains, which bind her to the material world. Determined to choose a life path liberated by higher truth, she enters into a mystical dream world. Within this dreamscape, she encounters Lady Niguma, along with her angelic disciples, on the magical island of Sosa. Through the teachings of Lady Niguma, she discovers her true powers, her purity, and the realization that, “All is One.”

The Devotional, Spiritual, New Age & World Artist Sangeeta Kaur Appears as Manda in Niguma

sangeeta kaur music

The character of Manda in the mantra opera Niguma, will be played by Sangeeta Kaur, who also appears as a co-producer along with Britten Park. Sangeeta Kaur (Teresa Mai) is an award winning Vietnamese American opera singer, mantra singer and producer.

As a sound artist, she is inspired to bring healing and awakening through fusion of music and yoga. Sangeeta got her music education at the California State University of Long Beach Music School, and also at The Boston Conservatory of Music, with focuses on Opera and Voice.

sangeeta kaur niguma mantra opera

She has performed many different operatic roles throughout the US and Europe. Her love for mantra music began when she met her spiritual teachers in New York City who then guided her toward the practice and studies of Tibetan Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga of Lady Niguma and the Yoga of Sound and Mantra. She released her first mantra album Yoga is Love in 2012 and her latest mantra crossover album Niguma was released in 2016.


Sangeeta performs in various concerts and productions and teaches Kundalini yoga and voice internationally. As a way of giving back to her community, she runs Sat Nam Yoga, a not-for-profit community Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Center in Orange County, CA. She was awarded at the Global Peace Song Awards 2016.

Aside Saneeta Kaur as one of the driving forces behind the creation of Nigura, there is a really hard working team without whom’s efforts none of it would be possible. Below you can check the full team of creatives who is taking this awakening experience to the next level & also learn more about the official event itself.

sangeeta kaur niguma mantra opera


Producers – Britten Park and Sangeeta Kaur
Creative Producer – Jerry Park
Creative Director – Bobby Newberry
Assistant Creative Director – Mel Mah
Choreographer – Talia Favia
Writers – Michael George Land and Sangeeta Kaur
Music Director – Nicolas Neidhardt
Music by – Sangeeta Kaur


LADY NIGUMA – Rachael Markarian
MANDA – Sangeeta Kaur
SUITOR – Chaz Buzan
MANDA’S MOTHER – Sloan-Taylor Rabinor
MANDA’S FATHER – Chazz Cooks


Purity – Summer Vu (13yrs old)
Yogini 1 – Jorgen Makena
Yogini 2 – Haley Messick
Yogini 3 – Madelyne Spang
Yogi – Grayson McGuire


Antonio Martinez – The Throat Chakra (blue)
Meredith Ostrowsky – The Brow Chakra (indigo)


Vocals – Sangeeta Kaur
Backing Vocals – Onyay Pheori
Keyboard – Nicolas Neidhardt
Electric Guitar – Fritz Heede
Acoustic Guitar – Dat Nguyen
Bass – Mark Gorman
Percussions – Cedric Leonardi
Harp – Wendy Tahara
Strings – Autry String Quartet (Étienne Gara, Suyeon Kim, Haruka Horii, Kevin Hsu)


More details about the event are available at Sangeeta Kaur. You can also follow the even on social media HERE & under #nigumaopera.

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