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Drawing Meditations: Clearing Your Mind with Pen & Paper

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Kaitlyn Parker combines Art & Meditation

Kaitlyn’s drawing meditation are a result of her active meditative journey through every-day life. In discussing her work, she has shared: “We’ve all heard how amazing meditation is for our body, mind, and soul – that it can transform our minds and bring clarity and new understanding to our lives…who doesn’t want that?! I know I did/do. And that’s what first brought me to meditation…to learn to train this crazy, over-active mind of mine! While I can appreciate the power and effectiveness of traditional meditation, I started seeing that my meditation mustn’t be limited to sitting cross-legged, silent on the floor, with my eyes closed. I wanted to bring the concept of meditation in to my every day, monotonous activities. Little things like washing dishes, driving, even walking, I began trying to meditate more on that moment…on exactly what I was doing…on relaxing my mind, being present, and letting go of all my cluttered and chaotic thoughts. Just being where I am.

Seeing how I’m an artist, this practice effortlessly translated in to my daily work. I found myself doodling somewhat “mindlessly” as a form of my own “drawing meditation”. It was a time where I could relax and clear my mind and only focus on each shape as it was being drawn. I found complete peace and stillness in these drawings because I was completely present with each stroke of my pen…this was the birth of my “Drawing Meditation” series.”

Hence if really you are not the kind of person who wishes to sit cross-legged and make a regular daily meditation, if you are not up to attend meditation retreats or practice meditative techniques in other group settings, you can certainly follow Kaitlyn’s example. See also some of her work through the pictures below – we are sure it will inspire you and stimulate you to engage with a meditative technique that best suits your character.

#1 Hummingbird

#2 Arizona

#3 Chakra

#4 Dragon

#5 Dragonfly

#6 Eiffel Tower

#7 Elephant

#8 Flower of Life

#9 Spring

#10 Unicorn

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Kaitlyn Parker is a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer who dabbles in photography and web design. The American-born artist, who now calls Berlin, Germany home, combines traditional mediums like ink and paint with digital processes and likes to incorporate recycled objects into her work. She is well-known for her “Drawing Meditations” series. The work is based upon a moment-to-moment concentration of each form and how it might progress and flow with each additional shape. Every drawing is completely unique. She believes, “that the drawings decide how they will manifest themselves – I simply sit back, draw, and observe what unfolds”.

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