Awaken Your Higher Consciousness by Watching Inner Worlds, Outer WorldsMeditation Trainings 

Awaken Your Higher Consciousness by Watching Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

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There is one vibratory field which connects all things in our world.

The Canadian film maker, musician and meditation teacher Daniel Shmidt sublimated his own advenutres with meditation in 2012, with the release of his astounding documentary work Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

#1 Akasha

video source: AwakenTheWorldFilm

The part I, ties to the Akasha, the Logos, the primordial OM, the music of the spheres, the Higgs field, the dark energy, and a thousand other namings of what is the vibratory field throughout history. Daniel Shmidt’s work speaks volumes about the foundation of all real spiritual expeirence, but also scientific validation and investigation. It recalls to the work of Tesla, Einstein, ancient Pythagoras and many more, who have researched the Akasha to better understand the great mystery that interlinks through so many human disciplines, mostly religious and scientific. That is our inner worlds and outter worlds.

Intriguing enough? Daniel Shmidt worked hard on three more pieces to compliment his work. See more over the next couple of slides.

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