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How to Prepare for Meditation?

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Beginning Level & Learning How to Do Meditation? This Read Should Help You Out!

What are the real powers of meditation? Is it only its purpose to handle out only stress, to allow the practitioner to just forget about it all and find a getaway from the daily havoc. We may regard this as the stereotype image and use of meditation, but as a young person beginning meditation you will be able to discover by far more important values of doing daily meditation exercises.

You will soon realize that most basic meditation exercises allow you to tune in with your inner self. To silent your thoughts in order to understand them all better. To be the peaceful observer of yourself. To help you distance and change the perspective on how you look at all things in life. Be able to distinguish what ends where.

You will be able to see your thoughts flying like atoms around your mind that is the core. You may reach to some important messages through letting your thoughts just be. Those messages will often come to you after you do the meditation exercises. Just remember, it is all about trying to have your awareness on your breathing or your mind focused on your mantra.

The younger in your life you start learning how to do meditation, the earlier you will realize how you can push real limits in your life through becoming a more mindful person.

Push the Limits

Different wisdom traditions agree that it is between your thought where the vortex of your infinite mind lies. That it is our inner spirit, our very soul. Your very you. The more you are able to explore this intimate realm of your mind, the more you know your real self.

This inner vortex is your inner capsule of talents and potentials, where the more you dive deep, the more you realize how perplexed and connected everything is. How it all makes sense and how the your life puzzle unravels like the leaves of a lotus flower.

This is where you arrive to take lead over the intentions you have in your life. Where you realize you can really make happen everything that you imagine for yourself. That is the place where your hidden potentials lie. Where you can push the limits. Where you can access only by beginning meditation.

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What is the Best Place to Meditate?

It is different for each individual. Some prefer their own room. On the mat. With some calming music on. Others follow guided meditations, many of which are available on the internet or can be downloaded for free. (see more under resources).

But for the best place where you can meditate, it is really up to you. Make sure nobody disturbs you there, and that you can comfortably sit in silence or with a peaceful music on. See also a meditation cushion which will enable you a more comfortable meditation experience.


When is the Optimal Time to Meditate?

Your body is more slow during the morning or the evening. It is like a natural rhythm, hence it is best to meditate in the morning before you go to classes, at work, or before starting any chores or other routines you may have. Try to make meditation exercises your first morning routine actually. If that does not work for you, go for an evening timing.

Finally, sometimes it is not only about the timing or making about a routine. Any moment you feel like the urge you need to sit down and meditate for a while is a good moment. You are anyway meditating in a way when you observe something (outer meditation), when you sit in the park or when you use a long hour in the public transport and immerse yourself by just looking through the window glass.

How long you should meditate?

When beginning meditation exercises, it is bit harder to have an effective meditation for more than 15 – 20 minutes. But when still learning how to do meditation, granting yourself 20 minutes to meditate is like treating yourself with an extraordinary reward. In a week, you will start to feel the change in your thoughts and your mind. As you meditate more time, you will realize that you are allowing yourself even an hour of meditation a day.

Other important aspects you should know when beginning meditation

Pay attention on your body position. You want to make feel yourself open to your inner world. Lie down on the floor, or sit up straight in a meditation position. Put your hands on your lap. Start breathing slowly. Very slowly. Place your awareness only on your breathing, hence you are aware only of the present moment. Find the natural rhythm of your breath and follow it. Don’t resist.

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