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How to Enlighten your Soul through Meditation

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In this increasingly capitalist and consumerist world, we are undeniably being devoured by the demands of today’s society. Keeping up with the current trends in social media alone consumes not only our time and money, but also our thoughts. By trying to capture that Instagram worthy photo, we lose focus on things that truly matter in our lives.  As such, we need to regain this focus by transferring our energies. Instead of competing with the social trends, we should pause and get a good look of ourselves. Just like the act of staring at the mirror, examining where we are right now incites points for deeper reflection.  In doing so, we need to begin the whole process of introspection. Examining oneself will allow us to see the deeper parts of our psyche like the subconscious and the unconscious. As we do this, we begin gaining access to our soul – an area which holds the deepest thoughts and desires of our hearts.

By inspecting our soul for possible conflicts and blockages, we are able to free ourselves from unnecessary worldly attachments, reverting the focus back to ourselves instead of the world around us. But to do this, we need to take a different route – meditation. Unlike that of consciously trying to force our way in, meditation chooses to go the other way – by freeing ourselves from things. When we take away those excess baggage, we allow for space within our thoughts to think and focus on the positive side.  Thus, meditation is the active act of emptying our cup. Performing this mental exercise will free us from mundane thoughts that plague the empty moments when our mind is not active. Studies show that more often than not, we think of negative things during our spare time, which essentially shapes the way that our unconscious manifests itself.

Understanding the whole value of meditation is the crucial first step in enlightening the soul. The mere fact that our soul needs to be enlightened means that it is currently in conflict with something. And while there can be an endless list of reasons for internal strife within us, they all share the same solution – mediation.  By meditating, we can enlighten our soul. If we were to picture-out our soul as a box without light, meditation is the act that opens up the box, the one that allows natural light to enter. Meaning, meditation is a process which leads us to enlightenment.

Meditation in-itself is not the light. Instead, it is the light bringer.  If we were to put this into a real example, we can see that through meditation, our soul is freed from social pressure. When we meditate, we pause and empty our cup. Our soul is relieved as it gives space to breathe instead of being consumed by the practices of today’s society.  Thus, if we truly want to embark on this journey of enlightenment, the key is through meditation. We just have to trust the process as it will lead us to the path that we want.

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