How Meditation & Mindful Practices Change the Brain and BodyHealing Health Meditation Trainings 

How Meditation & Mindful Practices Change the Brain and Body

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It is already a popular talk that meditation and other related mindful practices have a plethora of benefits for the human brain and body. Sitting down for at least 20 mins of meditation per day, or engaging with alternative practice like knitting or coloring is proved to reduce stress and prevent risks of various diseases. Meditation and mindful practices enable the individual who practice meditation to improve their well being, as well as to recharge the brain.

A recently published study also confirms even new evidenceĀ of how meditation and mindful practices change the brain and body. The study asserts the following conclusion: “These findings provide the first evidence that mindfulness meditation training functionally couples the DMN with a region known to be important in top-down executive control at rest (left dlPFC), which, in turn, is associated with improvements in a marker of inflammatory disease risk.”

Well nothing stops you anymore. Being skeptical is not an excuse, hence we challenge you to click Start Slide Show and get some ideas how you can sit down for some mindful minutes during your day of havoc.

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