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How Meditation Helps you Connect with Your Intuition

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In this day and age of constant noise, action, and movement, meditation helps us remember our inner worlds.

When we are always looking outside of ourselves for our next fix, our next hit, we can forget that we contain immense power inside of ourselves. We don’t need anything that’s “out there.” We need nothing at all.

There are people who do not eat, do not drink. They live on the light of life – Prana. You can watch about them in a film, called “In the Beginning there was Light.”

From my Indian tradition, it is not uncommon to hear of Siddhis who have spent months under the ground, not breathing, not eating – even years. Yogananda in his Autobiography of a Yogi, wrote of siddhis who had spent hundreds of years under the ground before being unearthed.

Of course, such stories aren’t isolated in Indian tradition. They exist in other ancient culture’s too, such as the American Indians, who have many stories of their shamans and mystic healers who go into a trance for months on end, walking between worlds for the sake of the Earth.

How do these people, who are just ordinary people, achieve these miracles? They aren’t buying it at a shop. They aren’t practicing it at a gym. They didn’t learn it at school or university (at least, not the kind of university we are used to!)

They found these capacities inside. Using their intuition.

In this modern day, we’ve really forgotten what intuition is all about. Well, if you’d like to remember, please, read on.

So, we have many senses. You know the main five. Sight. Sound. Touch. Taste. Smell.

What about the sixth sense? How do you feel that?

Well, that’s your intuition. And yes, you feel it with your body.

But not the way you usually think of. The inputs aren’t coming from the external physical world, like they might with the touch of a hand, or molecules that you smell.

Our intuition picks up the movements of the Akasha – the divine mother matrix of the All That Is.

So our intuition, our sixth sense, works more like our sight and hearing does, picking up non-physical inputs – like our sight picks up the reflection of light waves, and our hearing discerns the movement of invisible sound waves. Our sixth sense, our intuition, picks up the movements of the Akasha.

There is no other way to become sensitive to this than through meditation. You don’t hear of a Yogi being able to do miracles because he or she went for a coffee at the corner shop, or built a new extension on his or her house. You hear of them sitting for very long periods, often alone, without speech, thought, or distraction.

Meditation takes place beyond the thoughts and judgments of our neocortical minds. We are so used, in everyday life, to using our neocortical minds (which are very big in homo sapiens sapiens) to manipulate our world (our environment, our society) into being the way we want them. It is very much desire driven.

What if we live in a world without desires? What if there is no need to manipulate anything anymore, or anything to manipulate? What parts of our brains do we use?

And they are the parts of our brains that come alive through meditation – our third eye, and our prefrontal lobes. These parts of ourselves that are satisfied with the divine nature of life and the All That Is. Because they are the parts of ourselves that identify with the eternal, with the infinite – with our souls.

Of course, it is easy to say – sit down (or lie down) and meditate! Easy to say – use a different part of your brain now, please! But how do you do it?

You must find a way to be without thought. Perhaps you say to yourself, at first, “I want my mind to stop thinking now.” Or, “I have no head.” But these are just crutches, and over time will lose their effect.

A better way is to start become conscious of Sounds. Or rather, of no sound. What is the sound your mind makes when you are not thinking?

Remove yourself from all other sounds. Turn off any noisy lights, the fridge if you need – put earbuds in your ears. Now, when you are not thinking, what do you hear?

You will hear something a little like static. This sound of the sacred Aum – the sounds of the first creation. It is the sound of the Divine Mother herself – and the Logos, the word.

What comes next? Keep listening to that sound. I know life will try to drag you away. You may go for days without remembering to listen. But keep listening when you can. As time goes on, you will have less judgment, less negative reactions. You will try to manipulate your life and your surroundings less. You will simply become happier.

And as you become happier, and more satisfied and content with your life, you inner sixth sense, your intuition, will blossom. The Divine Mother (and Father) will start speaking to you and through you. You will hear the word of god, not as static, but as the sacred whisperings of your own angelic soul.


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Meera Watts is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mom. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, CureJoy, FunTimesGuide, OMtimes and others. She’s also the founder and owner of, a yoga teacher training school based in Singapore. Siddhi Yoga runs intensive, residential trainings in India (Rishikesh, Goa and Dharamshala), Indonesia (Bali)







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