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Health Benefits Of Yoga For Seniors

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Senior citizens can benefit a great deal with yoga. Daily practice of yoga can make seniors feel more positive and eliminate health issues that come with age. They can stay fit and enjoy life as well as increase their lifespan and vitality through daily yoga practice. It is a holistic approach to improve their overall health and well being.

Benefits of yoga for seniors

  • It lowers the risk of heart disease
  • It is easy to recover from strokes and stress
  • Gives positive emotions and outlook towards life
  • Drives away loneliness and depression
  • Helps in managing diabetes, arthritis, and improves digestive system
  • Gives sound sleep by improving the quality of sleep
  • Seniors older than 60 years of age can perform these specific asanas
  • There is least risk of injury with these asanas
  • It gives a boost to the joints and improves joint health
  • Your body becomes flexible at this age
  • It improves the functioning of respiratory functions
  • It reduces high blood pressure
  • The rhythmic breathing encourages mindfulness and harmonizes your senses

Start with gentle asanas

Senior citizens who are starting a workout routine after a long gap must have lost flexibility. It is good to start with gentle asanas and yoga practices such as Hatha Yoga. It creates a sense of balance and is easy on joints and muscles. People beyond the age of 60 years can start this yoga asanas.

Asanas for seniors

Senior citizens can start with standing asanas like Trikonasana that helps in strengthening the body and create balance. It regulates blood pressure. This is one of the easiest asanas to get started with. This is a standing asana. Katichakrasana is another standing asana which is easy to get started with. It helps in strengthening arms and legs. It gets seniors to walk comfortably without feeling joint pain.

Badhaka Asana is a sitting asana that is easy to try. It is good to practice this asana for improving bowel movements. Practicing this asana reduces the stiffness of the joints. Shishuasana is a child pose that is easy on joints. It is easy on the back and recommended for those who deal with constant back aches.

The cat pose is called the Marjariasana. It puts less strain on the back and relaxes it. Practicing this asana relaxes the digestive system. It relieves anxiety and tones the abdomen when practiced regularly. You can do it for a few minutes daily and experience a boost in your physical and mental health. It reduces the stiffness of spine and improves the overall posture of the body.

Bhujangasana is done by lying on the stomach and stretching the upper body. It improves the blood circulation, strengthens back and shoulder muscles. Practicing this asana makes seniors feel very healthy and energetic. Shalabhasana is a locust pose. It helps in toning neck and back muscles. This is a great pose for making the body flexible for seniors.

The Pawanmukhtasa is helpful in relieving flatulence, which is one of the common issues amongst seniors. It improves the condition of the digestive system. Practicing this asana also relieves physical and mental stress.

Senior citizens who are still working can perform the chair yoga asana in their office taking a few minutes from work. It can make them feel energetic and make body movements easy. It also increases the strength of the muscles. There are many benefits of the chair asana. It relaxes the neck muscles making it easier for you sit for a longer time and work without feeling the pain.

Balance your life with yoga asanas

Life can be challenging physically and emotionally for many senior citizens. Loneliness and depression can creep in and make it difficult for them to deal with routine. Practicing these yoga asanas ushers positive energy and keeps the mind and emotions balanced. There are multiple benefits of practicing these simple yoga asanas. You feel physically strong as it strengthens the bones and muscles of the body.

Practice with awareness

Be mindful and fully present when you are practicing these poses. You can practice these poses based on the level of your physical endurance. These asanas can be practiced by people of any age group. Senior citizens can decide the duration of practice depending on their stamina and physical endurance.

Deep breathing increases vitality

When you practice these asanas, all the cells in the body receive oxygen with deep breathing through asanas. This has a good effect on health. Oxygen is essential to boost the vitality. These simple asanas can do a lot of good to the body. It also gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of people socially and connect with them beating loneliness and depression. It eliminates anxiety issues with daily practice.

Boosts immunity

Immunity deteriorates in older people. Yoga is one of the best exercises to boost immunity and keep ailments and diseases at bay. Pranayam and other asanas can increase immunity and vitality of the body. This is a path to happiness and gives you a lot of energy feeling good about yourself. It changes the outlook you have towards life. Your joints become strong and have less pain.

Precautions to take

You can take brisk walks and do breathing exercises before getting started with any yoga asana. Even though these are simple asanas that can be done at home, start the practice with a trained practitioner so you are performing the asanas correctly. You can take adequate rest after each pose. Start slow so your body gets accustomed to practicing it daily.


Yoga for seniors is easy to practice and inculcate in your routine. It boosts your physical and mental health. It also builds immunity and eliminates stress and anxiety. It also increases the physical endurance of the body.

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