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How to Heal Your Solar Plexus or Third Chakra, Meditation Talks Health 

How to Heal Your Solar Plexus or Third Chakra

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The Solar Plexus, or also known as the Third Chakra relates to your self worth, your self-confidence, and also your ability to bring prosperity in life. With balanced Third Chakra throughout our energetic body center, we are able to reach an optimistic attitude towards life.

How Pains Are Connected to Your Solar Plexus?

Oftentimes, even small signs of the likes of tingles coming from your third chakra, that is located in your abdomen, means that you might bear with some unresolved emotional issues. You can also feel this chakra every time you observe manifestation of the ‘butterflies’ sensation in your body, a feeling that something is moving inside you. Feelings of this chakra also would mean back ache and sensitivity and pains at the front of your body.

What Are the Connection with Medical Issues?

As all other chakras, the Solar Plexus can also give signs to your awareness that you may be soon developing a certain disease. The Solar Plexus can be your awareness of diabetes, pancreatitis, liver disease, gall stones, food allergies, stomach problems, Coeliac’s disease or peptic ulcer.

And What About Emotional Issues?

When this chakra is not balanced, as individuals we face issues with our ego and optimism. When it is balanced, we are able to feel joyful emotions of happiness and enthusiasm.

A low self-worth, fears, economic problems or authority issues at work may disturb the normal energetic flow in our body and this mostly concerns our Solar plexus. Imbalance could also refer to worries about the future, lack of courage and then in more serious cases it is also about being prone to violence, despair and transform yourself into a source of negative energy.

Well, that’s something that none of us wants.

Answer yourself the following questions

To treat the imbalance of your body’s energy and the implication it makes on solar chakra, try to answer the questions below with simple, “yes” or “no” answers. To some, you may feel compelled to answer with “maybe”. The questions will be a sort of guidance that can help you identify a personal problem that disrupts your Solar Plexus.

Do you have the feel of being inferior towards someone?

Are you confused about yourself?

Are you worried what somebody might think about you?

Are you worried about the actions of somebody else?

Are you over-analysing something?

Are you hiding your true feelings behind excessive sarcasm?

Would you describe yourself as generally pessimistic in this period?

Are you worried about the future or in despair over something?

Are you lacking in courage?

Are you facing something that scares you?

Are you feeling overly emotional?

Re-balancing your Solar Plexus

In the end it all comes to specific issues. It is good to write things down. Especially that which will you contemplate after going through the above questions.

Of course, bear in mind that your specific issue cannot be caused only by a weakened chakra. The final aim when working with your chakras is that you need to have them in a complete balance with each other. If your Solar Plexus for instance is very strong, and your other chakras are very weak, in that case you will act as somebody who is much over-confident than needed. You will be with OVER everything, your creativity, your trust.

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