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Grippz Mats: Cure the Stress of Just Getting to Yoga Class

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I’m asked every day how I healed myself from Lyme disease, a chronic, debilitating, and so-called “incurable” problem, but I’m not just surviving, I’m thriving!


Acupressure and yoga reduced my stress, boosted my immune system and increased my energy

They not only helped me to overcome Lyme disease, but afterwards with my overall health and well-being, but the time the classes took was a definite issue. It was so stressful, running straight from a business meeting to make it to my yoga class on time, and then jumping off my mat to beat the traffic to get my acupressure session before they closed for the day.


My friends and I joked that we needed the yoga and acupressure, just to get over the stress of getting to class!


Eventually, this led some of us to choose to only go to one or the other of the classes, but, I wanted to find a way I could have my cake and eat it too, an organic, gluten-free cake of course. That’s how the idea of an acupressure yoga mat was born. Like any great invention, it wasn’t my first idea. I tried wearing special gloves and socks, but they were hot, sweaty, and ineffective for both acupressure and grip. Then, I tried using an acupressure back mat, but it was too hard and the wrong size for yoga. Now that the idea has been perfected, and it is already on Kickstarter too.

Your yoga practice and health is a serious business, so the tools you use should be of the highest quality. Grippz Mats are:

  1. Eco-friendly and made with natural materials;
  2. Non-toxic, so off-gassing of nasty chemicals isn’t an issue, like with many other mats;
  3. Closed cell, so they don’t absorb sweat and odors;
  4. Easy to clean;
  5. Not bulky, so they’re still easy to take to class.


Combine the finer points of acupressure with your yoga practice

There are pressure points throughout the entire human body, but the hands and feet have points that connect to all the major organs, so you can still get most of the benefits of acupressure just by working on them. The ergonomically designed knobs on Grippz mats eventually come in contact with all the body’s parts throughout the workout, changing acupressure points with each pose. They’re distributed equally across the mat, so when you’re laying down points on your back and on the back of your legs get triggered too. As the acupressure points are stimulated, there’s an immediate sense of increased calmness with reduced muscle tension. They also promote circulation of blood and the body’s life-force energy to aid in healing.


Get the full health benefits of acupressure and reflexology, without spending extra time or money

It’s similar to the Pareto’s 80/20 rule, which means the effort you put in isn’t always equal to the benefits you get out. For many things, 80 percent of the effect only comes from 20 percent of the cause. If that’s the case, just imagine the increased impact of a simple Downward Dog ! I’m a trained acupuncturist, so I invented the mat with that in mind.


Get a hold of yourself with yoga to balance your mind, body and spirit

The acupressure knobs also provide added grip, compared to a standard yoga mat. Product testers said they felt less like they might slip and hurt themselves. Slipping has become a bigger problem with the rise of hot yoga , which is actually the fastest growing niche in the USA. Because they were more relaxed and less tense, users stretched further. Just feeling more secure and grounded to the mat allowed them to go deeper into their yoga moves.


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